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Facebook Friends List | How to see Hidden Friend list on Facebook – Facebook Hidden Friends

Facebook friend list is a category on Facebook that contains the list of friends each user has. But then, this could be hidden sometimes and that prompts this question “How to See Hidden Friend List on Facebook”.Facebook Friends List

Of course, a lot of things happen which makes it that people choose to make their social live private and secured. Today, we have discovered how you can easily find out the friends of your friend on Facebook. Thus, this was also pioneered by Facebook and that is what will be discussing.

How can I see Hidden Friend List on Facebook?

In as much as friends can be hidden, a lot of persons have made their friends on Facebook invisible. Namely, this is one of the ways to stay private and as well as secured from social abuse. For instance, some persons will go on to play your role since they know your friends.

Already, mutual friends will be visible even though you hide your friends’ list. But that is not what we are talking about here; we mean the entire friends list.

There is something you should further note; you can only view a hidden list of friends of your friend when you are a valid user. And, that calls for you to create an account now if you don’t have one.

Create a Facebook account now and view hidden friends

Having an account opens up the door to access the friend list of your friends. To create an account, here, we have made the guidelines available. Meanwhile, you can make use of your mobile, as well as your PC to create an account.

  • Move on to the official website of Facebook at
  • Or, you can make use of the mobile app on your mobile phone.
  • Now, hit up the “Create new account” blue button.
  • Fill out the form with your correct details and information. Ensure you put your date of birth, Facebook always wishes to celebrate your birthday with you.
  • Crosscheck your details, especially, your email address and phone number for verification.
  • Click the signup button.
  • Now, wait for the verification code to arrive on your mobile. Copy and paste the code to verify your number.

As a fresher, start making friends build your profile. As soon as you are done, refresh your login.

To log in, you just need your username and password to make that happen. Revisit the Facebook website and hit the login button. Afterward, key in your username and password. Finally, hit the login button to fetch your account ready.

Now, am sure you are ready to take off the mission. By the way, there are two ways to find the hidden friend list on this page. Above all, there are all the simple steps to take.


How to see hidden friend list of your Facebook friend with Social Revealer

To do this, you will need a PC with Google Chrome on it. To begin with,

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser and move to the web store. Install “Social revealer”.
  • Afterward, move on to
  • Visit the profile of your friend that you want to see on the friends’ list.
  • Now, open the “Social revealer” extension, find and click on “See Friends”.
  • Here comes the list of all the Facebook friends of your friend.

Find Hidden Friends list of a Facebook User without Social Revealer

Actually, you can view hidden friends on Facebook without the need for a Social revealer. To do that,

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Open up a profile page of your friend that you want to view the friends’ list.
  • Open any image or post made by that friend. Look for “fbid=” on the post. Copy the number after it and stop in front of “&”.
  • Open a new tab and paste this Before you hit the search button, edit the number between “search and friends” to the number you copied.
  • Click on search and the list of friends will appear.

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