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Likes on Facebook Post: Get More People to Like your Post on Facebook

The Facebook platform has been adjudged the no 1 social media platform, where the users can engage daily be it for business or leisure. Facebook enables its users to get likes on the content they post on the platform, via content posted to Facebook. Thus it is not surprising, that Facebook users go out of their way to make their posts and photos more captivating and inviting, to garner more likes on Facebook Post. Thus it may be frustrating if your efforts are not yielding the results you want on the contents you post.

Likes on Facebook Post

Getting Likes on a Facebook post is every Facebook user’s desire.  This can come from comments, statuses, and photos updates. To get Facebook likes, and more likes on Facebook, first, you must have an account as well as post regularly to Facebook, to enable your friends on Facebook to see and get access to the things you post on Facebook.

To start we will explain the psychological method behind more likes on Facebook and then give you practical tips that will help boost your Facebook post likes. However, if you don’t have an account with Facebook yet visit to create a personal Facebook account.

Likes on Facebook Post: What to keep in mind before Posting

  1. What are my audience’s pain points? Will my post(s) resolve their pain? What emotion am I trying to elicit?
  2. Will my post be shared? Do I encourage it via a call to action? Is it the type of post that people would like to tag their friends in? More important than likes to me is the number of “shares,” because that dramatically increases the reach of the post—aka how many people see it.
  3. Is my post high quality? Do not begin to post low-quality content because of lack of time. The world generally doesn’t care if you have work or school deadlines, causing low quality. They assess the value of your brand by the quality of what you put out.
  4. Is my post consistent with my branding? Whether it be via a logo on the side, color scheme, or content type—are people able to tie back this post to my page? Branding and developing that psychological consistency is very important in creating that recognition with your follower base—and loyalty from them.
  5. What time am I posting? Is my audience active during this time?….Who is my audience, and what does their day to day typically look like? Make sure this is defined.


You want to know who you’re speaking to, how they live, where they’re from, what they think, how they speak and feel, what their pain points are, what keeps them up at night, what solutions can you provide…

Likes on Facebook Post: Practical Ways to Increase your Likes

There are several ways you can increase your likes for a Facebook post.

  1. Use fabulous images that grab people’s attention.
  2. Be sure the content has something to do with the image – no spam!
  3. Tag others if appropriate. People don’t mind being tagged if they are mentioned in the post link, etc. Don’t tag others just for the sake of tagging – that’s a big NO, NO!
  4. Boost your Facebook post – Boost it for 1–5 days. You can choose different audiences with your boost.
  5. Be unique and share something different like the example below.

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