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Amazon App Store Download – How to install Amazon App store free

This is unrealistic for so many people out there. Could this be real that I can install an app that features other apps for download? But now, Amazon App store download is possible. Am sure other app stores come installed in all brand new phones and we don’t bother to know how to install it. But now, there’s something new. Although, amazon phone brands have this as the default app store app.Amazon App Store Download

This serves as a platform that covers all other apps. In other words, it is a place you come to get apps for free. Mind you, all kinds of mobile apps can be installed through this platform. For instance, that your favorite Video games, music apps, picture viewing apps and editing apps, and lots more.

Mind you, you cannot get this app on Google play store as you might think is something you can do without hearing from us. This is totally different but not strange to what a computer literate can do.

Amazon App

This is an app where you can buy other applications; also see free apps to install. It is highly trusted for original apps. Nevertheless, what is holding you back from getting apps from this platform is a simple issue Amazon App store download. Thus, it is the process of getting the amazon app. And you need it to start buying other apps on your amazon fire mobile.

Amazon App Store Download

The Amazon Appstore is the same as other app stores like the google app store and apple store. So, we will have to install it directly from the Amazon website. You can download the Amazon app store following the below steps.

  1. When you launch your web browser, log onto
  2. Navigate down and enter your email address into the provided field for that. Then hit the send button.
  3. You will receive an email, so log in to your email and find the mail.
  4. Open it and find a link that will redirect you to the amazon app store download page.
  5. Click on the download button and select a folder where the app will be kept.

With this, you will successfully download the Amazon Appstore. But, that is not the end of the tunnel. You still have to install the app.

To install the Amazon Appstore,

  • Firstly, you will have to enable your device to receive from unknown sources.
  • Move to the download folder and open the Amazon app store.
  • Hit the installer screen button and accept the terms of using the app.
  • This will take a while to initialize. Afterward, you have successfully installed the app on your device.

How to Download App on Amazon Appstore

This is simple. It has a search feature that enables you to locate the app you want to download easily. So, we can boost that it’s the same with other app stores. Just key in the keyword into the search bar and hit the enter key. It will bring out the list of apps that are similar in function. Click on the specific one that you want and hit the install button.