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App Store Amazon – Amazon App Store Download | Benefits of Using

App Stores are a secure means of installing legit Apps and games and other utility software on your mobile device.  App Store Amazon is your best choice and I will explain why. Read on!

App Store Amazon

Android (Google Play and iOS App Store are the first to introduce this secure means of accessing thousands of App in a single place.

It’s no news that every Android and iOS users have come off the “Google Play Store and Apple App Store”. However, I might not be surprised if this is your first encounter with the Amazon App Store.

What is Amazon App Store?

App Store Amazon is a standalone Android and iOS app that aids users in downloading games and other utility apps.

Benefits of Using Amazon App Store

In contrast, the AmazonApp Store is actually better at Google and Apple App store. I know you are familiar with Apple or Google App Store and would at once disagree with me but before you do, read the below benefits of using the Amazon App store.

Apps and Games on the Amazon App Store are;

  1. Thoroughly described.
  2. More genuine user’s comments.
  3. You stand to download premium Apps (paid) for free on a daily basis.
  4. You can test paid apps before purchasing, plus other benefits.

Amazon App Store Download: Procedures you must follow to Download & Install AmazonApp Store

Most times people complain of the difficult nature of downloading the AmazonApp store. And the reason is simple. AmazonApp store is s unique in such a way that it’s not listed in other App stores like Google Play and Apple Store.

However, reading this post has simplified all of that for you. All you need is to follow carefully the below instructions.

Here is how to Download AmazonApp Store…

  1. Visit the URL at
  2. Tap on the login button.
  3. Enter your login details.
  4. Open a new tab on your browser and key in the following URL
  5. When the page opens, click “continue on the get this app section.
  6. Enter your email address or phone number and click send.
  7. An email containing the App download link will be sent to you, click the download link on the email or text message, and chose where to save the file and press save.
  8. Once it’s done downloading, open the folder location you saved the file and click to install.

Note that some phones might not allow the installation of the App on your device due to third-party app security protection enabled on your phone.

To turn it off, go to your phone setting, go to security, and enable allow third-party app installation. There you go!!

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