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How to Check your T-Mobile Bill Balance Instantly, without Making a Call

Do you have a T-mobile money account? Of course, this platform can help you to transfer money to-and-fro, and as well teach you how to Check your T-Mobile Bill Balance. It takes just a few steps for you to do what you want.How to Check your T-Mobile Bill Balance

Come to think of it, T-Mobile allows you to put money without charges; no limits to balance you can have, no overdraft and account fees. Guess, what, you can equally check your balance without been charged.

The most important thing here is that it’s a secured and safe account to identify with. As a result, it allows you to pay the way you want, either by using a debit card or go through the mobile app or Samsung pay.

Above all, you can access your money anytime you want with the app. Besides, the operation here is 24/7.

How secure is it?

Hence, there are better ways to make your account secured from unauthorized users. Thus, the multi-factor authentication plus the fingerprint login makes it secure.

In addition, we recommend you disable your debit card when you lose it. Due to the large number of persons using this, it is not protected when fraud occurs.

However, BankMobile a division of Customers Bank manages T-Mobile’s money accounts,

As a T-Mobile Money customer, you can earn a 4.00% annual percentage yield. This will be possible with the below set of requirements.

  • With a balance up to and including $3,000 in your Checking Account per month,
  • Must have registered for perks with your T-Mobile ID
  • Must have had deposits of $200 on your Checking Account before the last business day of the month
  • Finally, you must have enrolled in a qualifying T-Mobile Postpaid wireless plan.

So, the point here is how to check out for your balance if you have one. Besides, you can check your bill balance anytime you want to. Thus, there is a way to avoid been placed on voice prompts in order to know your balance. That is to say, what you are looking for will get to appear in your front as though it’s handy.

So, to start the move here is what to do as follow:

  1. Firstly, launch your phone dial app.
  2. Dial #225# and hit the call Green button.

Mind you, you are not going to listen to any voice, talk more of following the prompt given. So, when you dial that code above, wait a while for a response.

  1. On your screen, the Bill details will appear on your screen

That is just how it works. Am sure you enjoyed reading this post. So, don’t forget to drop comments in the comment box below.

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