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How to Get Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

Have you heard of DirecTV or tried in any way to checking Weather Channels on DirecTV? You may even be using it. If you are using it but don’t know how to get local weather channels on it, this article is for you. Getting local weather channels can be fun.

It is a great way of watching events around your vicinity. You will really enjoy this. With DirecTV everyone’s signal comes from a central location or an orbiting location. But you can as well have access to the localized video if you know how to navigate the channels to find it. Do you want to learn it? If yes, let’s get there.Weather Channels on DirecTV

How to Get Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

How to get Local Stations

Normally, DirectTV transmits a signal for hundreds of local stations within the United States. However, due to broadcasting laws, it blocks reception for all.

This means that you can only access those that serve your area. To check local channels within your area, use DirecTV’s Local Channels Lookup tool.

Enroll your Zipcode and see the list of the available stations and numbers. The numbers appear in the single and double digits. Even though broadcasting rights differ from state to state, on a general level you’ll get any channel available through over-the-air broadcasting. Even if the channel is localized, you will get it but it may change over time for licensing reasons.

Local Information on National Channels

Moreover, DirecTV has two national weather stations. They include Weather Nation on channel 361 and The Weather Channel on 362. Once you have access to these 2 stations, you can use interactive features to get local forecasts at any moment. However, this highly depends on your receiver type.

Also, you will need the red button or the ACTIVE button on your remote. To do this, choose Weather Nation. Proceed to enroll your Zip code to set up this feature.

Users can add up to five Zips for instant access whenever they use the feature. You can try this even now. It is easy, right?

Finally, I hope you got value. Please if you have questions keep them in the comment section. I will be here to answer all of them.