How to Use Google Translate – Translate a Website with Google Translate

Today, the internet has made the world a global village although; we have some barriers in communication. And this barrier is the language barrier.  However, Google translate has come to our rescue. Google translate has so many uses and features. Hence, we will teach you how to use Google Translate effectively.

Have you ever visited a site with an unfamiliar language, how do you feel? Of course, you will like to find out what the information is all about. Guess what? Google translate has come to help you out. With it, you can now browse a website in your desired language. Above all, there is no limitation to information.

Uses of Google translate

  • We use it to translate a minimal amount of text
  • Google translate can also be used to translate websites.
  • You can also use it to bypass blocks on YouTube and other sites

How To Use Google Translate

So, before we start there are four ways in which we can use Google translate and they are

  • Translating a Block Text
  • Translating a Website
  • With The Mobile app
  • We can use it to bypass blocks on YouTube

Translating a Block Text

In addition, these are steps to translating a block text

  1. Firstly, open your browser
  2. Then, open the Google translate website
  3. Afterward, copy the text that you want to translate

In this step, you can copy the text you want to translate from any source. It could be WhatsApp or you can type it in yourself.

  1. Paste the text you copied or type it in

After you have copied the text you go to the left field and paste it there so that Google can translate it.

  1. Select language

Although, it is usually set to Auto detect if it doesn’t detect the language you can manually select it. Just click the dropdown arrow to see the list of languages

  1. Click the “A” button to translate the text Latin

We use this feature when translating non-Latin languages

  1. Click on the speaker button to hear the word

This is useful for those who are interested in learning how to pronounce the language. Although, it does not apply to every language

  1. Look at the translated text in the right text field.

Once you click on the translate button your text will instantly be translated in the right field. In addition, it translates to the language you chose in that field

  1. Save the translation in your phrasebook

Now once you are done with that you can easily save your translation in the phrasebook. However, you may be wondering what is phrasebook all about; well it is just where you store translated words. It is a button at the top right of the website.

  1. Click the speak button to hear the translation

The same way we click the left field to speak is the same way we do for the right field. However, as I said earlier it doesn’t apply to every language

  1. Make corrections if you notice any wrong translation

You can decide to make corrections by clicking on the wrong button. After the corrections click the contribute button and your correction will be used as an update in Google translate.

Translating a Website

  1. Open Google Translate Website
  2. Copy the URL of the website

All you have to do is just copy the website URL located at the address bar. Ensure that as you copy the URL you copy the entire thing

  1. Paste the URL into the left-field of Google Translate

After you have copied the text you go to the left field and paste it there so that Google can translate it

  1. Select the website’s language from the buttons at the top

Although it is usually set to Auto detect if it doesn’t detect the language you can manually select it.

  1. Select the Language that you want the page to be translated to

In the right field, it translates the language you set it to.

  1. Click the link in the right field to open the translated page

Once you click the translate button Google will try to translate the page. However, Google will not be able to translate photos with text

  1. Switch the translation language

You can do this by using the buttons at the top of the webpage.

  1. Click the “original” button to switch back to the original page

You can use this button to switch from the original text to translate

Using Mobile App

  1. Firstly, Download the Google Translate app

You can get an app from your app store

  1. Decide how you want to input text

There are different ways to input in the app some of them are

  • Typing- tap on the field to type and the app will instantly translate the text
  • Camera- click the camera button to snap the text you want to translate. Google translate will scan the text and translate it
  • Speech- tap on the microphone button and speak the word or phrase you want to translate.
  • Handwriting- tap the rope-like button and use your finger to write.
  1. Accept a translation

When you see the translated text then click the right arrow button to load the translation to the main interface

Bypassing blocks on YouTube

  1. Open Google Translate Website
  2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it in the left-field
  3. Choose language

Select any language of your choice except “Detect language”

  1. Select a different language in the right field

You can pick any language because it won’t affect the video. Although, using the same language will lead to an error

  1. Click the link in the right field to open the Video

This might affect the comment section but still the main purpose of “the video” will Load

How to Translate a Website with Google Translate is not a mere talk but something that can be done by anyone who follows the instructions you see here. Besides, it is something easy to do.

Google Translate review

Google translate is a translation service owned by Google, to help translate text and websites from one language to another. It was introduced in April 2006.

This service can translate different forms of text, and media such as text, speech, text in moving or still images. Above all, it can handle a lot of function which includes

  • Handwritten Translation
  • Image Translation
  • Mobile App Translation
  • Speech Translation
  • Document Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Written Words Translation

Besides, Google translate uses deep learning techniques to translate a full sentence at a time.

Is it Free?

Of course, the answer is yes! In as much as this a service in Google Company, it is dame free to use. Mind you, you don’t even need a google account to be able to access this. Thus, it’s totally free.

Google takes it as statistical and neural machine translation, which is beyond a service. This is a lot of energy channeled here.

Mobile App

Google has gone far to make sure everyone participates in this service. You may find this in some browsers as a downloadable extension. But with the Google Chrome browser, it is functioning by default.

The Google Translate app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and it can translate about 109 languages and voice input for 45 languages.

How to Translate a Website with Google Translate

Let’s move into what you have been waiting to hear and see how it’s been done.

To translate an entire website using Google Translate, Here are the best steps to take:

  1. Launch your web browser and log onto
  2. Find by the left side of the page, the “Text box”. There, key in the URL of the website that you want to view. You can do this by copying the URL of the website from the information page.
  3. Move to the right and select the language you want to translate to.
  4. Afterward, click on Translate.
  5. You can do anything that you wish to do right on the website, just keep clicking on the links on the site.
  6. You will find the translate toolbar at the top so you can do other things. There, you can change the translation language, also swap back to the original language.

Mind you, any text that appears in images may not be translated, especially if it is a phrase.

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