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Facebook Promote Page Cost | How Much Does it Cost to Promote a Facebook Page

Facebook Promote Page Cost — Are you a startup or a small business and you are wondering how you will gain more page likes and drive more user engagement and get your potential customers to view your new business page then page promotions are the easiest Facebook ads you can employ.

It’s so easy such that you don’t need to go to the ads manager to promote your business page all you need is to create Facebook ads from your business page depending on what your objectives are.

Facebook Promote Page Cost

In this post, we are going to dive into a bit about Facebook page promotion, type of Facebook page promotion and how you can promote your page right from your business page if you don’t have prior knowledge of how ads manager works and how to use it.

Let’s start by saying that there is no exact amount or fixed price set by Facebook as the cost for page promotion, (Facebook Promote Page Cost) except if you are going for a more advanced ad set up like paying for ad impression, cost per click, and conversion which is done using a more Facebook ad tool called ads manager.

How much you pay to promote your page is totally controlled by you, only with a minimum of $1 per day fixed budget. Know that the amount you are willing to pay for your ads determines the number of people or audience your ad will reach.

For instance, Facebook will tell you that if you pay $2 to $10 your ads will be shown to about 300 to 700 people for one day and that if you pay $10 to $25 your ad will be shown to 900 to 1600 people for a day. The higher your budget the more people you reach. Note that the number of reaches you get for your budget varies depending on the type of audience you want to reach and their location.

Though there are many other features (which will be discussed later in this post) that determines how much it will cost you to promote a Facebook page.

However, apart from been billed by the number of people your ads reaches, you are also billed by the objectives you want your page promotion to accomplish, it might be to generate a lead, drive traffic to a website and lot more.

Most importantly, bear in mind that Facebook promotes page cost is estimated by the number of days your ad is going to run.

Quickly we are going to share with types of Facebook page promotions.

7 Ways to Promote your Facebook Page

  1. Page boost – helps to show your page post to more people and foster page engagement.
  2. Event promotion or boost – make people aware of your current event.
  3. Page promotion – gain more page likes, comment and people to share your page.
  4. Call to action (CTA) button promotion – what is your most relevant page button? Get more people to use it.
  5. Local business promotion – do you have a local business store, office, or spot recommend it for people around to pay a visit or make purchases there.
  6. Site traffic promotion – send tons of people to your website to drive more online sales.
  7. Lead generation – get users to sign up with their contact details.

How to Promote your Facebook Page

Step #1: log in to your Facebook account, create and set up a new page if you don’t have one yet.

Step #2: click on the blue promote button in the left corner of the page.

Step #3: Select the type of ad you want to run; in this case, you will select promote your page (look at the 7-page promotion type listed above to choose your promotion type depending on your ad objective).

Step #4: Set up your ad creative or allow Facebook to that for you by suggesting text or images from your page profile or you can choose the images, text, videos or slideshow you would want to use.

Step #5: Create your audience (choose either custom audience or edit people you choose through targeting), define your audience by selecting age, gender, interest, behavior, demographics, and location.

Step #6: give your audience a name and hit the save button.

Step #7: Set your daily budget; tap on the drop-down menu below daily budget and select a pre-filled budget or choose your own and key in the amount you would want to pay.

Step #8: Set your ad duration; specify the number of days you want your ad to run. Under duration chose the number of days your ad will run be it 7, 14 and 28 days. Better still you can set a custom duration by clicking on the feature run this ad until field.

Step #9: Review all you have entered and hit the promote button.

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