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How to search for a specific Person On Facebook

You can find a friend on Facebook with Facebook’s friend finder. It saves you time, strength and brings your quick result. So, when we talk about how to search for a specific person on Facebook, it is no other thing but the friend for a specific Person On Facebook

With the finder, you will find who you are looking for, and other related people who bear the same name. Of course, you know that you will be using the person’s name to find him/her. Certainly, others may bear the same name as the person. That’s a great way to also meet other people who you don’t know.

Where can I Find the Facebook Friend Finder?

This is not a special place other than the popular search feature on your homepage. So if you are not making use of Facebook or not a registered member, you cannot access the homepage, talk more about the search features. Besides, if you may like to join Facebook, prepare your mind because we will take you to that at the end of our main topic.

Remember, the search box is the Facebook Friend Finder and you can find it at the top of every other feature on Facebook. Most times, it is a blue bar that lets you find out many things on Facebook. For instance, you can find groups, pages, even events, just like you search for a friend on Facebook.

Mind you, you can search for people who are already your friends and those yet to become.

Now that you have known what the finder is all about, let’s give you some tips that will help you when finding a specific person.


Since you want to search for a specific person on Facebook, you need to keep your eye on the search bar while typing the person’s name.

Meanwhile, Facebook always comes up with a suggestion. So you need to be strict with who you want. Ignore the pop auto-complete names and continue with the name of the person you want to find.

Don’t be quick to hit the search button when you are done entering the name, you may end up searching for the wrong person. So, what you will do is to confirm the username you entered before you proceed.

Let’s whine over to how to search for a specific person on Facebook

Are you looking for someone who is already your friend on Facebook? Then, the autocomplete guide will be the best option for you. Here is it:

  • To start, begin to enter the person’s name you are looking for in the search box. On doing this, autocomplete suggestions will pop out. Watch out for it, you may find the person you are looking for in there. Besides, Facebook shows first your friends, seconded by friends of friends on the autocomplete bar.
  • So, if the name appears in the autocomplete bar, move to it and click the person. That is, click on the name.
  • Now, you will finally land on the person’s timeline so you can checkmate well if you have found the person.

What if it’s not the person you are looking for?

Then you should ignore the autocomplete menu.

  • Hit the search bar again and enter the full name of the person you want to find.

This time around, avoid the autocomplete suggestion and focus on what you are typing.

  • Once you are done, hit the search button. This time around, click on see more just at the bottom of the search bar.

So, this is to expand the search result. This will help you to see others with such names on their names.

  • Click the people named “friend’s Name” option.

You will see a search result page that previews people’s profile pictures and timeline info in a larger view.  Use the right side of the page to narrow your search by Gender, Current City, and lots more.

  • When you find the person you are looking for using the field at the right side of the page to preview your actual friend, add him/her as a friend.