Best No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Cards

Credit cards with no balance transfer fee – pay your debt faster

With the best no balance transfer fee credit card, bundles can be saved and yet, gets you out of debt very fast. No doubt, credit cards with no balance transfer fees are rare even though most of them charges transfer fees. Meanwhile, an average of no balance transfer fee credit cards offers about 3% of the amount transferred (transferred fees). You know what, that can actually add up.Best No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Cards

Take for instance, In a loan of $8,000 with a 3% balance transfer fee which is equal to $250 for an average U.S household, but then you have the best $0 balance transfer fee credit cards offer you 0% interest for the first 15 months, tell me how you will feel.

 Thus, this will save you a lot. Guess what? You will be able to save up to $1,500 in the space of the intro transfer fee bonus. Obviously, you have come to know what 0% interest credit cards with no balance transfer fee can do for you when you’ve got debt.

Can I shock you with the most popular credit card with no balance transfer fee? Guess what? It is Chase Slate, and it offers a $0 balance transfer fee for 60 days, plus 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months.  Chase slate doesn’t charge any annual fee there is something you need to know, other strong credit cards are competing with chase slate. But now, Chase slate doesn’t accept new applicants and this makes it that they are now fading out of time. Read on to find out the latest in town.

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In the same vein, to get qualified for a credit card with no balance transfer fee you will need to have good or excellent credit.

Note: even this credit card with 0% APR plus $0 balance transfer fees tend to have a higher regular APRs after the bonus period allocated to you. Here is what we have for you concerning the best zero balance transfer fee cards.

Credit CardBest For:Balance Transfer Fee
SunTrust Prime Rewards Credit CardLong Intro Period$0
BBVA Compass Business Rewards Credit CardBusiness Owners$0
Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum Credit CardMilitary Families$0
Arvest Bank Purchasing Credit CardShort Balance Transfers$0


Best No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Cards

After so much researches we have been able to identify the best credit card with no balance transfer fee. Sun Trust Prime Rewards credit card is the best. With this card, you are sure of the following:

  • Firstly, An introductory balance transfer APR of 3.25% (V) for the space of 36 months
  • Also, A balance transfer fee of $0 for the first 60 days,
  • No annual fee
  • Lastly, A regular APR of 11.24% – 21.24% (V) (thus, this varies depending on your creditworthiness)

Here is what to do: always pay off your transferred balance before the introductory period ends. With this, you will be able to pay off your debt at lower without accruing much interest for a long period of time.

Am sure your eyes have been opened to what you can grab. thus, there is no way you should have to know that this type of balance transfer credit card without a fee can offer you this for a long time as we have reviewed. Moreover, we have seen a lot of great balance transfer deals over years but not like this one. So, therefore, several other good credit cards exhibit such kind of favor right now. Are you ready to know them now?

Best Balance Transfer cards with no fee 2020

We have selected this out of 1,000+ credit card offers to bring to you the best. What other help can you seek from us which are impossible as long as we talk credit cards? Thus, you can always trust us for that.

Here are there:

  • Firstly, SunTrust Prime Rewards Credit Card – Long Intro Period & No Fee
  • Also, BBVA Compass Business Rewards Credit Card – Business Owners
  • Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum Credit Card – Good for Military Families
  • Lastly, Arvest Bank Purchasing Credit Card – Good for Excellent Credit


Finding out the right balance transfer card is not as simple; it may need to consider a whole lot of factors to come up with the best. That is to say, you need to combine the transfer fee plus length of 0% intro APR and the amount to pay for each month. You should seek a credit card payoff calculator to enable you to do this as quickly as possible.

What else? Finally, If you can pay off the majority of your balance at the period of 0% intro then the transfer fee will