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Burlington Coat Factory Near Me – Location Near Me – Hour

Burlington Coat store – the home of off-price retailing

Burlington Coat Factory was founded in 1972, in Burlington, New Jersey. The initial sales of this chain were coats which started when the family of Milstein’s purchased a once factory store. Guess what now? The store has diversified from seasonal clothing to baby products, shoes, gift items, and more.Burlington Coat Factory Near Me

Later on, the second store was opened after three years they started and didn’t end there. Successfully, it grew to 31 stores in 1983 and the years. The need for this history is to show you that the store started off nothing and grew to become a household name in the United States. As a matter of fact, you may find their store locations close to your location.

Besides, there are 631 Burlington Coat Factory locations in the American states. That is to say, I can find a Burlington Coat factory near me. That brings us to the topic of today, we will help you to do that and as well open your eyes to learn more about this company.

Burlington Coat Factory Locations Near Me

However, 40 American states and Puerto Rico currently have enough storage location for this company. That brings us to Burlington Coat Factory near me. Here are the following numbers of Burlington stores in the American states:

  • Alabama: 6
  • Arkansas: 8
  • Arizona: 16
  • California: 94
  • Colorado: 9
  • Connecticut: 16
  • Delaware: 3
  • Florida: 62
  • Georgia: 25
  • Iowa: 5
  • Idaho: 3
  • Illinois: 43
  • Indiana: 18
  • Kansas: 7
  • Kentucky: 8
  • Louisiana: 8
  • Massachusetts: 21
  • Maryland: 26
  • Maine: 3
  • Michigan: 29
  • Minnesota: 11
  • Missouri: 7
  • Mississippi: 3
  • North Carolina: 18
  • North Dakota: 2
  • Nebraska: 4
  • New Hampshire: 4
  • New Jersey: 38
  • Nevada: 9
  • New Mexico: 4
  • New York: 54
  • Ohio: 34
  • Oklahoma: 5
  • Oregon: 6
  • Pennsylvania: 46
  • Rhode Island: 6
  • South Carolina: 9
  • South Dakota: 2
  • Tennessee: 14
  • Texas: 85
  • Utah: 6
  • Virginia: 27
  • Vermont: 1
  • Washington: 15
  • Wisconsin: 14

So if you live in the aforementioned states in American, you will likely find the Burlington locations near me. Here, there are two ways to find Burlington stores near me. You can find this store’s locations using the online map and secondly, we recommend you use the official website to find Burlington. One big thing here is that you can find this store by following our guide. Read on for guidelines.

How to Find Burlington By Zip Code

  • Log onto
  • On the website, find the search bar and key in your State, city, or Zipcode.
  • Click on “Find Store” at the extreme right.
  • Next, here are the store locations, the address, and miles.
  • Click on view store details for more inquiry of the store location.
  • Click on direction to start your journey with a map direction.

Now you have known how to find your way out of this big question “Burlington Coat Factory Near Me”, you should also know that there are other things you may find while following the above steps. Meanwhile, we will like to show you the benefits of taking these steps.

Benefits of Burlington Coat Factory

  • At first, you will get to see store locations of Burlington in your city.
  • If there are additional departments in the store location, you will get to see that when you click on view store details.
  • You can change the area displayed on the map if you are using the online map. simply find the area you want and hit the “Search THIS Area”
  • Learn more info about a specific Burlington Coat Factory store.
  • Hours of a selected store can be discovered by clicking on view more details.

These are just some of what you can find out while looking for a Burlington store using the above steps.

Burlington Coat Factory Hours in the U.S

In as much as there are many locations of the Burlington store, it, therefore, means that the hours may vary. Besides that, here is the common hour of this store in the U.S.:

  • Monday to Saturday: from 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Sunday: from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Burlington Coat Factory Coupons

There are plenty of Burlington coupons and deals you can take advantage of. Guess what? We will give you access to find the latest Burlington coupons. Follow this page to get one now.

Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card

With Burlington credit card, you can get a reward rate of 5% and more while you frequent your purchase with the card. This is not just the end of it all; there are many other benefits you may wish to find out. All you have to do is to visit here for more details about Burlington’s credit card.

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