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Chinese Food Near Me  

Chinese food – time to use chopsticks for feeding

Where can I find Chinese cuisine? Don’t bother yourself anymore because this Chinese food near me page will help you find one. When we talk about Chinese food, we don’t talk about a précised one.

Thus, it comprises all the Chinese food that you will want to eat. So, here is how to find the closest store where you will get Chinese food.Chinese Food Near Me

However, Chinese foods are highly healthy and I am sure you won’t want to miss out. Imagine that seafood and the rest of them; it’s worth spending your time to find.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to do any leg work again in other to find Chinese food near me. Rather, what you will have to do is found on this page. So, read on for more details.

Mind you, if you are in the US, you should be expecting Chinese cuisine cooked in the northern style of china. That is to say, where you base determines the kind of Chinese cuisines you get. Since the U.S is the target, they make sure that they offer that sensible food taste. Besides, it is more of heavy meat dishes, noodles and rice.

How Chinese food started in the U.S  

How could Americans get to like Chinese food? Since it measured up to American tastes, it became part of them.

Meanwhile, Chinese food in the U.S started in exactly the 1800s. it came about as a result of the Chinese who migrated to California at the time of the Gold Rush. They started opening restaurants along the Canton region.

Then, they got to spread when the railway was expanded. Thus, this incident paved the way as they penetrate into the cities of the United States.

Above all, the credit of Chinese food been enjoyed in the U.S goes to Hipsters. They enjoyed food cool and without an atom of burns on their mouth.

How to find one

Today, you will always see restaurants for Chinese food around you, than ever before. So, finding one today is not a big deal. Mind you, just like I said earlier that your location determines the kind of Chinese cuisine you will get.

In the US, you will find dishes with veggies like tomatoes, carrots, and yellow onions. Thus, this is a western style of Chinese food. And that is why it gave Americans sensible taste.

Steps to finding Chinese Restaurants in the US:

  • Prepare your internet connection for google directions.
  • Open a new tab on your browser right away now. Log onto Depending on your location. Or better still visit
  • Once you have done that, make sure you put on your location settings.
  • Key in the search menu located at the top left side of the page, Chinese Food restaurants near me
  • Hence, you will find the list of Chinese food restaurants that are closer to you on the map or below the search menu. On the map, it will indicate a red location tool on each of the restaurants for Chinese foods.

Top Chinese Restaurants in the US:

If you want to meet the best Chinese restaurant for amazing cuisine, here are the top three you will find.

  1. Din Tai Fung Dumpling House, Los Angeles, CA

This food restaurant has locations across Asia and six places in the United States. Those is the three locations in the Los Angeles, CA area. In fact, it is a popular shop to visit.

  1. Koi Palace, Daly City, CA

Kio Place is a place to get a world-class dim sum and delicious seafood plates. And this is as a result of standard training of their staff. They do this deliberately by sending them to Asia to learn more about Chinese food preparation and technique.

  1. Lao Sze Chuan, Chicago, IL

This restaurant is found in Chicago, a populous Chinatown. It offers local Chinese cuisines. So, if you are close to this restaurant location, it’s time to take advantage of it. And how do you know? Use the search feature on the google map as I illustrated above, to find it.

Chinese Chopstick

This is a preferred spoon for Chinese citizens. But then, this doesn’t go well with the U.S citizens. A chopstick suitable now is the disposable chopstick. It is made of bamboo or softwood.