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Waffle House Near Me – Waffle House Menu 

Waffle – time to eat Patterned and sized meal made from leavened batter or dough that is cooked between two plates

Today, if you want to eat classy waffles even at the midnight, you can find a place to do that. Now, we will help you find a waffle house near me. Thus, that is the essence of this blog post, to help you find waffle houses around you when you need them. By doing this, you can review the hours of the waffle house around you.Waffle House Near Me

So, if you really have a quest for a waffle, then you must be here to learn how to find one near you.

Waffle House is an American chain restaurant mostly around the southern region of the United States.  But today, they have started opening stores in the north. Since Waffle House has about 2000+ locations in over 25 different the United States, you can always hope to find a Waffle store near you.

Waffle Hash Browns

This company can boast to offer you hash browns in nine different ways based on your taste. Here are the nine options to make you hash browns:

Hash browns scattered, that is to say, they are not made in a standard ring,

  • The one that is smothered (Onions)
  • One covered (cheese)
  • That chunked (Ham)
  • The one that topped (Chili)
  • Those that are peppered (jalapeno)
  • Diced (tomatoes)
  • Capped (mushroom)
  • Country (sausage gravy)
  • Hash browns all the way. Thus, this one contains the above cuisines on one plate.

Waffle has vowed to stay open even when other restaurants are closed. That is a nice decision Just to make sure they are available for you.

How to Find Waffle House Near Me

Since this restaurant has about 1,200 store locations in over 25 states, you can easily find one nearby. To start, turn on your internet connection and also the location settings.

  • Open a new tab on your browser and log onto google. map
  • Use the search bar located at the top left side of the page to find a waffle house. Key in your keyword and hit the search bar.
  • Here comes the list of waffle house restaurants closer to your location. You learn more about the store location by clicking on the address of the store location.

That is how to find a waffle house near me. Thus, Google has removed all leg walk in trying to find waffle house. So, you easily know the best locations to visit on your phone.

Note: Mind you, any waffle house you looked out for and its index is green, it means that they are open and running with no problem. But then if it shows yellow, it means that they are open but with little limitations as a result of the storm. But when the storm becomes intense it shows and that means they are close. That is the only reason why the waffle house could close.


Originally, waffle house founded in 1955 in Avondale Estates, GA by Tom Forkner and Joe Rogers. They were said to be neighbors. As time goes on, the first restaurant was sold in the 1970s and repurchased again in 2007. When they did this, it was turned into a museum that still exists today.

Today, Waffle Households world waffle-eating championship. They do this to award the fastest waffles consumer in the shortest time awarded. Right there, the winner goes home with $7500.