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Facebook – The new Facebook Collage Making App launching – Free your creativity

The long awaiting GIF collage bonanza and digital zine creator that was announced earlier this year is now in town. Have you heard of the Facebook NO! It has been launched. Be the first to experience this as you read through this blog post.Facebook

Finally, facebook’s internal R&D group, and NTE Team has launched their test app.


Am sure this is what you will like to use without been forced or policed around. Of course, that cannot happen. Though we have not clearly stated what this app is all about, I can feel your curiosity to know.

Facebook is all about creating canvases. That is a media that comprises text, images, and GIFs together. Thus, this is referred to as “artsy” collages.

Eventually, this app gives you a unique URL that other Facebook users can view even though they don’t have the app yet. So, be the first to share this experience with other users, while it has a unique URL for just you.

Of course, it feels good to be the first to start using a thing new on the market, and Facebook is one of them.

The new Facebook Collage Making App launching

Facebook newly launched a collage-making app not long ago. Moreover, we won’t leave you behind, you can review other people’s work so you can create something epic. Thus, you are given the chance to make use of already existing content you find on the platform on your own pages.

When Facebook launched this app, the product manager of Facebook made a statement.  It says “this app is an experimental new platform for weird and wonderful expressions of who you are and what you love”. SO, you can now mix up what you are with what you love to give a single expression.

Aim of Facebook

You have always wanted to create something that will express how you feel all this while, Facebook app is here for you. You can use this to create fan pages, guides, tributes, profiles, collages, recipes, and more. So, you can bring content into the app and have it resized to your own taste.

The need for this arose after we got to find out that certain raw and exploratory spirit that with the quality of the early internet.

The app gives room for people to express themselves freely. Thus, it is room for weird and off-beats.

The target here is to have the people control their creativity. That your favorite films can have an expression with the free-form mixed media collages.

Is Facebook available for Facebook all users?

This is a good question to ask. The answer is no. Face is not in reach for everyone. It is currently for those in the United States.

Facebook is available free on the App Store for iOS users in the U.S. Meanwhile, this is not yet available on Google play store.

Facebook Download

You can easily download the Facebook on the US iOS App store today.  Or you can use this direct link to get it.

Facebook Account

It’s time to start creating weird spaces on the web to carve your expression. You need an account and that is simple to create.

You only need your App store ID. Remember that it is for only U.S iOS users.

So, when you get the app installed, you open and hit the “continue with apple” button

This means that you are using your Apple ID to login into the app

Now, verify your age, and then pick a name for your profile. After that, click on create an account. Then you have successfully open an account

Now you have all the features to use. Make your expression, explore the creations, and create your page.