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Farmers Only Dating Reviews – is the best place for me to find it & costs

Clear your doubt and thoughts today about Farmers Only Dating with the reviews.  Thus, you will get to see the upside of this site and the downside also. So, if you have a lot of questions to ask, you will get a response after reading this blog post.Farmers Only Dating

Firstly, everything deployed was with a purpose, if otherwise, and then it will not last so long. That is to say, Farmers Only is a site with the target which we’ll review on this page.

Farmers Only Dating– what for?

This site is a dating site, we no farfetched purpose of other dating sites. But then, this is unlike the usual dating sites like and the rest.

Here, the site is aimed at making those in the rural areas find love. There are so many people who will like to live with people of country-life (That is, people who live by the culture of the country).

This site was founded by Jerry Miller in 2005. This site has over 6 million subscribers. But, this site is not yet to be compared to and other top dating sites, and this could be for a reason.

This site is designed both for the young and the old. As a result, older people come looking for someone to remarry, maybe after a divorce or complicated issues. Of course, the young are also after true love, yes it is!


Don’t mind what you see, it is a clear explanation of the benefits of the Farmers Only dating site. Besides, many things can make a site, and some others, weigh it down.  Let’s find out

  • This dating site is a free one to identify with.
  • It is a place to find singles that live or interested in living country life.
  • You seek a relationship; here is a place to find one.
  • The balance here is amazing; that is, there are equal numbers of men and women on the site.


  • You likely will not find many singles in your area.
  • To exchange messages here requires a paid subscription.
  • The features here are not as many and it looks old compared to

One word from us

 Since this is a site interested in rural areas in the US or Canada, why not give it a try if you live near a rural area. Mind you, no tasking for creating a profile and checking out members, else you want more features like chatting.

Farmers Only Dating Reviews

Let the reviews begin as we show you some complaints from users before you draw the line of conclusion.

Mind you, these are the common complaint about Farmers Only, (Positive and Negative Spectrum)

Premium Subscription Cost

Are you a member of this site? Then you are missing out if you are not using the subscription. Hence, you should try out either of the subscriptions we are about to show you.  Meanwhile, they come with a lot of benefits that make farmers only a fun place to be. In fact, let me show you some

  • Send, receive & reply to unlimited emails
  • Read & reply to email via the Farmers Only mobile app
  • Check other members’ status and last online date
  • view who “liked” and visited your profile
  • Hinder other members from contacting you
  • unlimited Upload of photos

6 months membership > $10.99/month

3 months Membership >$13.32/month

1-month membership >$21.95/month

Extra features with extra charges

Gold Status: With an extra $9.99 a month, you make your free users to only read your messages. This makes you look like a top-ranking one because everyone will notice it.

FarmPhone: with an extra $4.95 a month, you can text other members by revealing your phone number.


To draw the Curtain, you should make your profile a great one with a nice profile photo, nice remarks on your headline, about yourself, and about your Match. Besides, Farmers Only is a place where people go after what they want by reviewing profiles to find an interesting one. So, you must pop up your game with great and amazing stuff.