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Get Registered With My TimeStation Login at, App

Do you know that your firm can register with TimeStation and enjoy easy online services? TimeStation is an online time and attendance system that employers can use to track their employee attendance to work.TimeStation

It makes it easy for employers to monitor their employees. On the part of the employees, it makes it easier for them to know their schedule and follow it promptly. You can even download this time-station app. It is user-friendly, quick to setup system and easy to handle.

The system is very fast in checking attendance and you can do this within a second mark. Just mark “IN” or “OUT”.

It works so fast because it runs on Cloud. It gives facility to Branch Manager to see many types of reports such as total staff attendance and absent staff. Managers can use this to monitor and evaluate the attendance of their staff especially small business owners.

How to Sign up/ Register with My TimeStation

You can go to its official site and sign up to TimeStation. Take some time to view the time and attendance system. The link is

Once you get there, click on the sign-up option on the taskbar menu. Click on this option and proceed ahead.

In the next page, click on the form for creation of an account to start tracking time and attendance.

Proceed to enter your company name, your email, and password, confirm the password, check out the box for acceptance of terms & conditions and finally click on “Create Your Account”. This is very easy and you can do this within 5 minutes.

Administration Management:

It is very important to know that this online software is managed by Admin of the firm. If you have any problem accessing your account, simply contact the admin of your department in the company.

I Hope you got value. If you have questions, tell us in the comments section.