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How to Determine the Length of an Arc

Firstly, you should be able to understand what you are about to look for, which is the length of an Arc. That should not bother you anymore because we got that covered right on this blog post. We will cover everything on how to determine the length of an arcLength of an arc

What is an Arc?

We will start by letting you know what an arc is before you can get to the other parts

Firstly, an arc is a part in a complete or full circle. In bigger terms, it is a portion in a circumference of a circle. Thus, it could be a curved shape in a circle. So, that’s why we call it a circular arc.

However, when you introduce a straight line in-between the endpoint of an arc, you will get a chord of the circle. But since that is not our focus, let’s move on to what we should.

Sometimes, the length of an arc could be half the circle and in that case, it is referred as a semicircular arc. But, am sure that is not what you really want to find out. So, how can I determine the length of an arc?

What is the length of an arc?                      

The length of an arc of a circle is a measure of the distance of the curved line that makes up the arc. Mind you, this is not the straight line distance because the length of an arc is longer.


Length of arc =2R ()

C = the central angle of the arc in degrees
R = the radius of the arc
π = Pi, approximately 3.142

Recall that 2πR is the circumference of the whole circle, so the formula simply reduces this by the ratio of the arc angle to a full angle (360).

The length of an arc is said to be equal to the circumference of the circle multiplied by the fraction of the circle.

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