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How to Find Answers to Riddles

What is your favorite pastime? Do you enjoy riddles? If yes, I can teach you how to find answers to riddles. That is all I am out to teach you in this article. Have a good time reading. Riddles help you develop your brain and have a lot of fun.Answers to Riddles

How to find answers to riddles:

1 Use Your Favorite Search Engine

For short riddles, the fastest way to find the answer is to plug it into a search engine such as Google. Enter the whole riddle in the search engine bar, and put quotes (” “) around it to limit your search to that exact phrase. Click search and the answer will appear. However, you can only find the answer if the riddle is popular or common.

2 Go to Brain Teaser Websites

Further, you can proceed to check out brain teaser websites. There, you will find thousands of riddles along with their answers. You are free to try some of the websites below.

Moreover, you can use your favorite browser to search riddles on the internet. Also, you can find the answers too.

3. Brush Up on Some Riddle Books

Do you know that there are also a lot of riddle books as there are many idle? You can find these riddles at book stores, libraries, and in some local stores. In the books, you will find the riddles along with their answers. This will help you learn a whole lot and be able to have fun with your friends.

On the internet, you can as well find riddle e-books. These ones are even easier to read and learn.

I hope you got some value. What is your favorite riddle? Tell us in the comment section.