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How to Reboot a Computer Manually

Have you ever been in a position that you need to reboot your computer manually? Let’s say your system froze and you can’t move your keyboard or mouse. In some cases, your computer may crash or just get you confused. The only thing to do at this moment is usually to reboot your computer manually. This will save your computer’s power source or the motherboard from being damaged.

How to Reboot a Computer

In this article, I will teach you how to manually reboot your computer. It is quite easy and fast. Ensure you read to the end to get full value.

How to Reboot a Computer Manually

  • Long-press the power button. Do this for 5 seconds or until the computer’s power is off. Now, the computer monitor goes black and may display a message showing that it is not receiving a signal. Also, your computer’s fan and power supply shut down once it is finally off.
  • Now, wait 30 seconds or a bit more. Usually, this waiting period is very important. This is because waiting before powering the system back up will prevent your power supply, motherboard, and other critical hardware from sustaining damage from powering on and off too quickly.
  • Now, click the power button to start the computer again. As the system reboots, be alert to detect any error messages or other strange messages or behaviors. Any information you see can help you find out the problem with your computer.
  • Restart your computer. You can restart your computer through the operating system. For Windows, simply click the Start button to access the power menu and choose “Restart.” For Mac users, restart the system by clicking the Apple menu and choosing “Restart.”

I am sure you have already learned how to reboot your computer manually. Please if you tried rebooting manually and the system is still blank or refuses to function, take it to an expert for repair. It may be having a serious problem. Ensure the expert fixes it as soon as possible.

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