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Make Your Capital One GM Card Online Bill Payment

Capital One gives out a lot of cards. One of those cards is the Capital One GM Card. It is a rewards card for both businesses and individual consumers. Cardholders earn rewards on this card and can apply them to GM vehicles through eligibility criteria.

Actually, in 1992, the first credit card was issued with the same program of no annual fee for each card. Furthermore, cardholders can win rewards by spending more on select goods to get a 5% cashback benefit. Keep reading to learn more about this card.

Capital One GM Card


The Capital One GM Card is an MCI (Master Card) that Capital One manages. However, with this card, cardholders can get rewards for purchasing some gadgets or new shoes. Also, they can save their rewards towards a car purchase.

You cannot get any rewards with this card unless you register for an online account. Creating an online account is not hard. Take the steps below to create an account.

How to Make Online Bill Payment for Capital One GM Card:

  • Go to with any web browser on your device.
  • Proceed to the main page and click on the link “Manage Capital One Account” to log in.
  • Now, enter your username and password and click on the Login button.
  • After logging in, proceed to the section where the balance payment is shown.
  • Enter your account number and choose the payment that you want to make.
  • Lastly, submit your bill payment and finish.

Vital Notice:

Whenever you are making your online payment, ensure to choose your relevant payment module. You may ask why. The truth is that there are many other GM card payment sections for those who do not like to make an online bill payment. Such options include payment by telephone or mail.


How do I check my GM card earnings?

To get information about your Earnings Program, go to or contact the GM Card Reward Centre at 1-888-446-6232.

How does the GM card work?

The original GM Card gives cardholders an unlimited rebate equal to 5% of the first $1,000 in annual purchases made with the card (0 in earnings per 12-month period). Cardholders can use this for the purchase of a new car from GM.

Can I give my GM points to a family member?

Yes! As the primary GM Cardmember, you can transfer your earnings to your immediate family members for the purchase or lease of an eligible new GM vehicle. It can be your parents, spouse, siblings, or children. However, the family member must reside at your address, but GM Card Earnings may not be brokered, bartered, or sold.

Do GM card earnings expire?

The simple fact is that there is no limit on redemption, and earnings never expire. Redeem them anytime you want.

How do I redeem my GM Card earnings?

You must redeem your earnings within 90 days of purchase. To redeem your earnings, login to your account and click the VEHICLE CARE AND GM EXTRAS tab on the Redeem page. Take some time to view your eligible GM purchases and available earnings balance. Enter the amount and redeem earnings to receive up to 0 in statement credits† for each year.

What is the Capital One BuyPower card?

What is the BuyPower Card? The BuyPower Card is a credit card that rewards you with earnings on every purchase you make. You can redeem them toward the retail purchase or lease of a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicle. Every year, you receive 5% earnings on the first $1,000 in net credit card purchases.

What is a GM Rewards Card?

It is a co-branded rewards credit card program with consumer and business cards. Capital One provides the card. Cardholders accrue earnings that can be applied towards the purchase of eligible new GM vehicles.