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Review Elephant Auto Insurance – phone number

Elephant Auto Insurance is a company that covers certain types of expenses incurred by the owner of a vehicle.

However, GEICO and State Farm both generally offered cheaper auto insurance policies for our profile driver. Choosing one of these insurers over Elephant could represent a savings of 24% to 40% per year in insurance costs.Elephant Auto Insurance

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Elephant Auto insurance:


  • Drivers who want to save money by buying insurance online


Elephant Auto Insurance Discounts

Elephant offers discounts that are in-line with what is standard for auto insurers:

Discount TypeDiscount Amount
Responsible driver (accident-free, 5 years)up to 10%
Good student discountup to 12%
Community college discount (Partner)8%
Online quotes15%
Payment in fullup to 13.5%
Electronic signature$100
Multi-policy discountup to 9%
Multi-car discountup to 27%

Elephant Insurance Customer Service Reviews and Ratings

Elephant customers can expect subpar customer service, as auto insurance policyholders who are insured with Elephant file complaints at a high rate. The NAIC reported Elephant as having a complaint ratio index of 2.76, nearly three times the national median of 1.00.

Elephant Auto Insurance Reviews

Reviews from Elephant Insurance customers have been somewhat mixed. Many have praised Elephant for its quick quotes process, low rates, and easy-to-navigate website. However, when it comes to filing a claim, customers have expressed frustration indicating that Elephant was slow to respond and resistant to pay their claim.

Elephant Insurance Policies and Agents

Elephant operates on a direct-to-consumer business model (no independent agents), to pass savings to customers. However, car insurance shoppers who desire the personal touch of an insurance agent to help them manage their policy and choose coverage should choose an insurer such as State Farm known for its network of agents.

Where does Elephant Offer Insurance?

While the company just started in America in 2009, Elephant has its roots in the Admiral Group, one of the United Kingdom’s largest insurers. Here in the U.S., it underwrites car insurance in seven states: Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Elephant Auto Insurance Claims Process and Repair Assistance

Elephant customers can choose to have their damaged vehicles repaired at any auto body shop, but for those who don’t have a preference or don’t know of any repair shops, the company has a list of prequalified recommendations to choose from. You’re under no obligation to have the car repaired with them, though, as Elephant will also issue a claims settlement check directly to you.

Elephant Insurance Windscreen Replacement

Windshield or glass claims with Elephant are handled by its express glass service, which includes a network of repair shops that are available to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Glass repair claims are covered by comprehensive and collision insurance, though the cost of your windscreen replacement which is usually a few hundred dollars may be less than your deductible. If this is the case, you will end up paying out of pocket for the full cost of glass repairs.

Urgent Roadside Assistance

The elephant is partnered with Urgent, a company with a modern approach to roadside assistance. Urgently lets customers track in real-time the location of its roadside assistant drivers. This is a service that comes free with the purchase of roadside coverage from Elephant.

Accident Forgiveness

Elephant offers what’s known as accident forgiveness, which guarantees that rates won’t go up after an at-fault accident. This program is available to all customers after they have had an Elephant car insurance policy for a few years.

Diminishing Deductible

Those who have comprehensive and collision insurance through Elephant have the option to enroll in the diminishing deductible program. Those enrolled in this program will see their deductible reduced by $100 each year they are accident-free.

Gap Insurance

Elephant protects so-called underwater car loans, known as gap insurance, where the value of a car is less than the balance of the loan amount. This is helpful when an accident or event depreciates the value of a car, but the payments you make on the underlying asset are still overvalued.

The elephant only provides this coverage after both comprehensive and collision insurance have been purchased, and for cars with loans held by banks.

About the Elephant Auto Insurance Company

The Elephant Auto Insurance Company started operating in the United States in 2009 as a subsidiary of its parent company, the Admiral Group, an insurance company based in the United Kingdom. Elephant’s U.S. headquarters are based in the Innsbrook area of Greater Richmond, Virginia’s Henrico County.

Other vehicles insured by Elephant are ATVs, collector cars, and motorcycles. In addition to car insurance, the Elephant Insurance Company also sells property insurance for homeowners, renters, and condo owners.

How to File a Claim with Elephant

Claims can be reported through the Elephant’s website or by e-mail at

Additionally, to file a claim over the phone, call: (844) 937-5353.


An elephant has better than average rates, but unimpressive service and coverage options.     Elephant provides fairly low rates, though its rates were not the cheapest we found overall. On average, Elephant provided auto insurance quotes that were 9% lower than the average across the companies we surveyed.

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