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Selling Sites | Easily Sell Your Products on Selling Sites

This post will simply explain what selling sites are, benefits of advantages of using the selling sites to sell your products, list of the best selling sites by category, and finally, show you how easy it’s to sell your products on selling websites.

Selling Sites

What are Selling Sites?

By now you might be wondering what selling site is all about. Is it a new buzz word or what? But then I certainly know that you heard about online stores where people sell and buy all manner of products. Some even offer services.

Simply put, selling sites are online stores or websites in the form of landing pages, blogs, social media platforms, etc. where business transactions take place.

There are countless of selling websites that exist on the internet. It’s majorly where brands or businesses show customers products they have got and made sales. Most times from anywhere around the globe.

Advantages of Selling Sites: Why use Selling Sites

Conventional means of buying and selling is highly on the decrease as people are now in search of ways to make buying easier and with speed without leaving the four walls of their building. No doubt that online stores will continue to be on the increase because of high scalability, speed delivery, and easy access to needed products added to the convenience that comes from buying products from your comfort zone.

Selling Sites: Why every Business should use Selling Sites to Sell their Products

  1. Reach as many customers as possible.
  2. Its speed up the rate of transaction and increases sales.
  3. More return on Investment because of low-cost funding.
  4. It informs both customers and potential customers about your products and services.
  5. Easy marketing and products distribution
  6. It strategically positions you to be discoverable by potential customers.

 How to Sell your Products on Selling Sites: The ABC of More Sales

You don’t need to own selling sites to be able to sell your products and services. All you need is to search for the best profitable and high patronized selling or online store in your niche and market your products there. However, you can decide to build an online selling store of your own. But basically, I will show you three steps you can sell your products and services in an already existing online selling store:

Step #1: Chose a selling website.

Step #2: Visit the site and see if they have space for sellers, if they do – check to see if you meet their requirement and create an account with them.

Step #3: Provide all the necessary information or product details needed and have your products and services showcased.

Note: the different site has their own selling procedures and requirement, terms, and conditions.

Online Selling Stores: List of Sites to Sell your Products

The different site focuses on different products and services, though few sites sales almost everything under the sun. Things like books, clothes, shoes, jewelry, home appliances, etc.

Variety Stores

  • eBay
  • bonanza
  • oodle

Wedding clothing stores

  • Sell my wedding dress
  • NearlyNewlyWed
  • Still

Electronics stores

  • buy my Tronics
  • Glyde
  • Swappa
  • eCycle Best
  • uSell
  • Sell cell

Online Book stores

  • BookFinder
  • Powell’s
  • Cash4Books

Art Stores

  • Etsy
  • Art pal

Online Photo stores

  • Fotolia
  • Corbis
  • BigStockPhoto
  • iStockPhoto
  • shutter shock

Online DVDs, Games, and CDs stores

  • SellDVDsOnline
  • Abundatrade
  • Second spin

Clothing stores

  • Posh Mark
  • Tradesy
  • Yoogi’s Closet
  • BagBorrowOrSteal
  • ASOS