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Sprint Store Near Me – Open Sprint Store Near Me Now

Is Sprint Corporation still a telecommunication company? We’ll confirm that right on this page.

By the Way, this page, Sprint store near me, talks about how to find the closest sprint stores in your new area. Am sure you have heard about the Sprint store acquisition and you still wonder what it has now become. Of course, that is a good question to ask. So, let’s find out before we show you how to find the store.Sprint Store Near Me

About Sprint and Acquisition

Sprint Corporation was a telecommunication company before it was acquired by T-Mobile on April 1, 2020. Before that, this company was the fourth-largest mobile telecom company. Then, it offers internet and wireless services.

Meanwhile, they offered services to customers across the United States. Now, Sprint has become a subsidiary of T-mobile Company. Thus, this means that they are operational under T-Mobile. So, Sprint now offers Services like the

  • Mobile Telephone,
  • Internet services,
  • Broadband
  • And wireless communications.

The company started with Brown Telephone Company in 1899.

What is the fate of the Sprint store? Of course, now that it has been acquired, finding the closest store may have to change in terms of the official website. But yet, that is not a difficult thing to do in as much as you follow our guidelines. Now, it is all about T-Mobile.

The good news is that if you are on Sprint, especially where sprint does not have LTE coverage, you have automatically been connected to the T-Mobile LTE network.   Overall, Sprint has been discontinued, but you will still use your original carrier’s network for now.

Nevertheless, does this call for more payment?

According to T-Mobile on this acquisition, prices will remain the same for three years. Till then, we’ll have to wait to see what happens next. As regards this, your Sprint plan continues. So, you can afford to keep adding new lines or switch over to T-Mobile then.

What happens to Sprint Retail stores?

Instead of Sprint stores to be scraped off, rather, they are branded with magenta paint to make them T-Mobile brands. But not all stores are been converted. So, we’ll get to know if the nearby store supports Sprint and T-Mobile customer, in case you need sprint support.

Guess what? Hundreds of Sprint retail stores will be converted to Dish Network. Thus, this means that if you are on Boost Mobile, It still maintains the billing, but, the Dish network now owns boost.

Let get started to find the new Branded Sprint Store (T-Mobile)…

How to find T-Mobile Store Near Me by Zip Code

  • Launch your browser right away and log onto
  • By the way, you are to use your City, state, or zip code to find it.
  • Now, key in your location into the provided search box and hit the search button.
  • The list of Stores located in your state will show on the left side of the page.
  • Also, the map on their website will show you locations as it is represented with a red “T” icon.
  • The details of the store will be reviewed when you click on more.

Note: Not all stores support both T-Mobile and Staples and you can identify that when you click on the Store address to view more about the store. Specifically, you will find this when you scroll down to the part of the store tagged “About the store”. Surely, it is clearly stated there.

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