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Walgreens Near Me

Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy chain in the United States. Though, it started with a small food front store beside Bowen and cottage. Today, Walgreens deals in many products and services and that has made it a household name in the U.S. Here are the common products:

  1. They provide health information
  2. Health and wellness products
  3. Photo services and
  4. Filling Prescription.Walgreens Near Me

Today, there are about 9,277 store locations across the United States. Hence, this makes it that anyone can find it close to their location. In fact, an average American citizen lives within five miles of a Walgreen. So, we can say that Walgreens is a household name in the U.S. But then, there is a way to find it very fast without doing any leg work or driving around town. Thus, Walgreens Near Me can help you handle that on Google map.

Walgreens Near Me – How to find Walgreens store locations

This Walgreens near me page will help you find the nearest Walgreen store in your location. So, if you are ready to do that, here is what you should do.  To start, put on your internet connection and enable your location settings.

  • Create a new tab on your browser by clicking on the + icon.
  • Search for
  • On the broad map, you will find the search menu at the top left side of the page. Key in the keyword and hit the search button.
  • The list of Walgreen pharmacy stores in your location will appear. All you should do now is to scroll through the list to find the convenient one. So, you don’t need leg work anymore since there is google map waiting for you to give it instructions.
  • Am sure you have found one that you want to visit. You can equally find out the hours of the store and the services they offer.

What do you expect from Walgreen’s stores?

Even though there are thousands of Walgreen store locations, here are the common things about them.

  1. Each Walgreen store is measured 14,500 feet and sales about 18,000 items
  2. An average Walgreens store employs about 20-25 persons
  3. Walgreens make transactions with 8 million customers in-store and online daily
  4. yearly, Walgreen fills around 894 million prescriptions

About Walgreens

Walgreens began in 1901 with a small food front store by the corner of Bowen and Cottage Grove Avenues in Chicago. It was founded by Galesburg native Charles R. Walgreen. It grew to four stores after three years.

Today, Walgreens is the first pharmacy chain to implement child-resistant bottles. Before now, they had their prescriptions in containers but then it was not ok as children can open it easily. So, the whole of the advantage came up after they focused on the safety of families.

In 2011, Walgreens acquired That is their online store, plus the intercom that connects all pharmacy departments under satellite.

Today, Walgreens offers a balance rewards program where you can earn freebies, coupons, and discounts on top items. So, you should quickly join.