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What is HTTPS, and Why Should I Care? What is HTTPS Encryption

HTTPS is the latest web encrypted connection. The HTPP was replaced with HTTPS and as you can see, the “S” is what makes the difference. And it stands for “Secure” while the rest remains hyper Text transfer protocol. We will not forget the idea of encryption by Edward Snowden.What is HTTPS

What is the need for HTTPS?

HTTPS is in use when your web browser wants to communicate with websites for the information you sort for on the internet. Now, you can research without any agency breaking into your privacy or try to know what you have been doing online.

Assuming you are connected to a website with the regular HTTP, you won’t know, else you check it out. But then, here is the consequence:


For instance, you may have an eavesdropper or intelligence agency on a Wi-Fi network, or your internet service provider, they can see the webpages that you visit and have a piece of information you are transferring at any point.

Here is the good news, the whole web is now adopting this HTTPS and you know what that means. That is to say, you will not be spied on by anyone else you permit that, but not after you are done reading this. Now how do you get to know if you are connected to a secure connection?

How to identify if you are connected to an HTTPS connection?

This is simple to know. Thus, what you need to do is to check the address in the search bar. It will eventually start with HTTPS://. That is it, once you see that then you on a secured connection. Thus, there is no need to border about being monitored by anyone. Also, some website combines both the padlock icon and that.

Reasons Why Everyone is leaving HTTP for HTTPS

Firstly, the introduction of HTTPS was for the protection of passwords, payments, and more sensitive data. Out of this tiny but meaningful reason, the entire web is now diving into it.

Guess what prompted that?

Since it’s allowed in the USA to snoop on people’s web browsing history and then sell to advertisers, many bought the idea of HTTPS. Of course, many websites are in much support of this so that your internet service providers will be cut short of so much of your data. Thus, the website visited will be known, but then, the data you are after is now unknown. Hence, this means that there is much protection and thus, your privacy is intact.

To start, Google also made it hard for HTTP websites to survive it as it places a penalty on the websites that use it.

Guess what HTTPS has ended?

  • There are lots more you can count. To begin,
  • It has made browsing faster and to be more compressed.
  • Of course, now internet service providers can’t tamper with your data, unlike before.
  • Anyone without HTTPS is flagged as an unsafe site in chrome. So, you should avoid them.

What you should avoid when making a sensitive request on the internet

  • Avoid unfamiliar networks especially when it concerns banks and transactions. Thus, ensure that the address carries HTTPS.
  • But then, HTTPS does not really cancel all odds because of phishers. Thus, beware of phishing tricks. They have noticed so many persons now check out for HTTPS when they visit a site. So, you will have to shine your eyes.   Hence, what you should do is to check for pieces of stuff like this > So, once you see that the new connection, plus a Subdomain such as that number after the .com, then that is an unsecured place to be.

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