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Access Order My Checks to Manage Financials

Does your firm need an efficient customer engagement solution? If yes, Harland Clarke has got you covered. This firm is top-notch in providing financial tools like cards and checks. Furthermore, it uses other tools like; promotional products for businesses, critical communications, and lifecycle marketing solutions. To ensure that customers have the best of experience and remain loyal, it uses prints, digital channels, and engagement solutions to work.Order My Checks

Harland Clarke is best for medium-size and small-size businesses. It has been up and doing for more than 43 million consumers per year and it has relationships with financial institutions more than 11,000. I am sure you find this amazing. This can as well help your own business.  To access the order of Harland Clarke, take the steps below:

How to order for My Check:

Start by going to and accessing its official site. You can do this with any device as long as you have an internet connection

Proceed to the first field and enter 9 digits routing number.

On the second field, enroll your account number.

Proceed to enter your account type either a personal account or business account an, click on the “Continue” button.

On the next page, follow all the instructions carefully to complete your check process.

Contact Us:

This is a section in the web portal. It is for people who have a complaint or are facing problems while getting this online facility. Once you click on the “Contact Us” button, take the steps to lay your complaints and the customer care service will serve you right.

Order My Checks FAQ

Is it safe to order checks online?

Yes! You can safely order checks online. However, you must be very careful and avoid using public WiFi and other peoples’ computers. Do you know that even your bank orders their checks? But they do this carefully.

How much should checks cost?

The checks cost about 100 boxes. The best deals on checks are not at banks Company Number of checks inbox Cost per check Promise Checks100

What is Harland Clarke’s check?

Harland Clarke gives personal and business checks and check related products.

How long does it take to get checks from Harland Clarke?

It takes only 1 to 2 business days to print. After producing an order, the normal delivery time is 7-10 days for UPS Ground or First Class mail. However, to get your order sooner, choose one of the expedited delivery options.

How do I reorder checks?

To order checks, sign in to your account on and choose “Order checks & deposit slips” from the “Things you can do” menu. For business accounts: You can order checks on the Deluxe website Deluxe check reorder website (Opens Overlay), or call 1-888-560-3939.

Is order my checks safe?

Yes! However, you can order personal checks in single and carbon duplicates. The checks you order from have the same safety features that you get with checks from your bank. All ordered checks come with security specifications recommended by the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA).