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AngelList: Online Jobs and Investment Platform | What Startups Should Know

AngelList | Online Startups Jobs and Investment Platform | A Place Where Startups Meet Investors

AngelList: Online Jobs and Investment Platform – is an online platform connecting entrepreneurs with investors, as it searches for product/market fit and business models. Founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, AngelList begins as a project to give back to the start-up community. Ravikant and Nivi write a blog that provides founders with advice and then builds AngelList to give them access to investors.

However, investors often have incentives to interact with entrepreneurs using traditional modes of communication in order to protect their access to top startups, limiting trackable activities and outcomes on AngelList.AngelList: Online Jobs and Investment Platform

How Does AngelList Platform work?

AngelList is basically like for startups, helping them get connected to both investors and employees.

But before we can talk AngelList, we gotta talk angel investing. For those new to the lingo, angel investors are wealthy individuals who provide capital for startups in exchange for equity in the company.

These are accredited individuals with a net worth of at least $1 million, or an annual income of more than $200,000, who typically prefer a hands-off style of investing. Venture capitalists, on the other hand, typically work with a firm, invest more, and require more say in managerial decisions.

To get hooked up with investors on AngelList, you submit a private application. Then, if you are one of the 1-2% of applicants that get accepted, AngelList will generate a list of recommended investors based on your market, stage, and location.

You, the founder, select investors from that list that you are interested in speaking to, filtering by attributes like fund type (angel, VC, seed fund…), activity, and location. Every investor you swipe right on receives information about your startup, along with a recommendation from AngelList admins. If they like-like you back, they can start investing.

How to List Your Startup on AngelList: Get Investors to Respond Quick

You need a thorough preparation before listing your startup on AngelList. That way you can get the attention of investors quickly. Follow the below startup listing practice and get discovered in a short period of time.

  • Solidify your Company

Revisit your business plan. If AngelList is one of your initial exposures to the investing world, as it is for many startups, this is particularly important. Make sure you have a solid name. While this may seem trivial, a name is the first thing people will see, and it should rock! Your name should pull people in, trigger their interest in your company, and make them want to click on your profile. Remember, investors don’t just read every profile they see. Pay attention to your marketing strategy, financials, and production timeline. Make sure you have thought through everything that could be wrong.

  • Develop a Professional Website

It is important that your website is well designed and complete before you look for investors on AngelList. Investors will be visiting your website to learn more about you and your team, and it should be polished.

  • Target Popular Investors

Look for reputable people in your industry, pitch your company to them, and garner their support and investment before starting your AngelList profile. While this is not a necessary step, it can give your start-up credibility that can only help. Showing that someone entrenched in the industry believes in your company and is invested in it will help to show many investors that your company is worth their time and money.

  • Prepare to converse with your Investor (Video Conferencing)

Interested investors will want to learn more about your company, and after viewing your profile, may contact you about a meeting over the phone or Skype. You should be ready to give your pitch to these investors on short notice.

  • Get to know the Investor

Research what investors look for in an AngelList profile. A good way to do this is by Googling tips for AngelList investors. Here are a few things investors look for: Easy to understand. A clear mission and profile will show investors that you are organized and detail-oriented.

A confusing profile can deter people from wanting to learn more about and can reflect badly on your team.

Traction. Ask your current backers to endorse your profile on AngelList. Showing interest from established investors will help to prove your company’s worth.

Video Demos. A video demonstration of your product is a great way to show prototypes and demonstrate the appeal of your product. Your video should be clean, clear, and well-edited.

  • Research other Startups and see what they are doing right

Browse through startups that are trending or are featured on AngelList. Looking at successful profiles can give you tips on how to fill out your startup’s profile.

  • Build an Online Presence with your Team

Google yourself and all of your team members. One of the most important things an investor looks for in any startup is a strong, reliable team. Make sure that you are all portrayed in a strong, positive light.

AngelList: Online Jobs and Investment Platform: What is Angellist profile?

AngelList Profile is startups connecting point to investors. If you have a practical compelling profile of your startup – then you are ready to get the attention of great investors. User profiles and startup profiles are visible to the general public and search engines by default. Let your profile speak for you.

AngelList: Online Jobs and Investment Platform: How to create AngelList Profile

Before actually creating a profile on AL, spend a bit of time deconstructing how AL worked so that you could better leverage the platform.  Becoming a “trending” startup, or getting featured on AL, was the quickest path to increase your reach. This is the first step in the fundraising process.

  1. Open AngelList and login
  2. If you are not yet a member then sign up
  3. Click on your picture in the top right, then click Create Company Profile
  4. Fill out each field. Be concise, but give enough information to give a complete overview of your company.

AngelList: Online Jobs and Investment Platform: Tips for creating a trending AngelList Profile

Tips #1: Be clear of what your Goal is

Be upfront about how much you want to raise in your current round of fundraising. It will be a waste of time and resources for both you and your potential investor if you are asking for something they aren’t willing to give. You should have already spent time determining your goals for your initial investment round while creating your business plan, but double-check to make sure that you aren’t over- or under-reaching.

Tips #2: Go for four market

You can choose up to 4 markets with which to describe your company. Investors following those markets will be able to come across your startup more easily, so it is wise to utilize all 4. don’t create a new market! If you create a new one, no investors will be following it, and it can prevent potential investors from finding your company.

Tips #3: Choose a Sizable Location

Many investors like to invest in local companies and will search for companies in their area. If you make your location “Redwood City” for example, you may be preventing investors located in a slightly wider radius from finding you. A better strategy would be to list “Bay Area” or “Silicon Valley”, but take care not to go too wide – “California” will not give a clear idea of where you are located.

Tips #4: Add All Team Members

Your team’s network will be notified when you add them to your company, which will increase the number of people who visit your profile.

Tips #5: Review

Before publishing your profile, go over it and make sure that everything is how you want it. Have other members of your team go over it and edit as well. Remember, your profile is what will make investors determine whether they want to learn more or move on.

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