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Apply Amazon Prime Credit Card | Pay Amazon Prime Credit Card

Amazon Prime Credit card – the secrete behind every bit of your shopping

To reward your effort, Amazon prime credit card pays you slightly for every shopping. Therefore, using your Amazon credit card when you shop from anywhere or on will be the best idea. How will I get it? Apply amazon prime credit card to have full access. But, if you can’t we will help you outright in this our tutorial.Amazon Prime Credit Card

What do you expect? Amazon Prime credit card makes sure every bit of your purchase is gainful. With it, you become expectant than ever before. For instance, 5X bonuses are credited to your wallet for each time you purchase with the card. Thus, this can only be happening if you have activated your membership. Remember that there is only one genuine way to do that and that is called the official process.

Get ready to become a customer of amazon if you are not! That is because only amazon prime customers can have the Amazon Prime credit card. Also, if you don’t have an account with, you cannot access the application page. That is to say, you need to sign in first to your account to apply for this card. That is why we have come to help you do this smoothly.

However, apply for a prime credit card to realize what you can always earn by just making purchases with a credit card. There is one big thing about this card. Guess what? There is no annual fee for all the benefits.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Credit Card

  • 100% exclusive offers await every cardmember of prime credit card
  • 5% bonus awaits you when you make a purchase with the card at or other Amazon outlets
  • 2% Additional, when you make your purchases at pharmacy, gas stations, or restaurants
  • 1% cashback is added to your wallet when you make an eligible purchase at other shops not aforementioned
  • There are no international online charges with this credit card
  • renew your card at a due time with ease
  • Save up for the next travel when you have an Amazon Prime credit card with you.

How to Apply For Amazon Prime Credit Card

Do you have an account at NO! You have to face the steps to create an account first before we forge ahead to apply for an Amazon prime card. To do that, create an account:

  • Firstly, Open your web browser and log onto
  • Also, Move to the left side of the page where the sign in to apply button is located. Click on it,
  • Here comes the Amazon sign-in page
  • Also, Key in your valid email address, and then click on the continue button,
  • Provide your account password,
  • Lastly, Hit the “Log in your account” button and have it done.


  • Now that you have your account readily signed in, proceed to apply for the card
  • Launch in to apply
  • Login with your registered Email address and password
  • Apply for an Amazon credit card online and wait for approval SMS when you sign in to your account.

Amazon Credit card account: You should log in now to manage your shopping account. You know what? You have created a system for 24 hours of management. So, therefore, worry no more about bonus points and cashback.

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