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Apply For My Subway Career Online

Do you want to build a career in a restaurant line? If yes, working at Subway is a great way to begin building that career. The application process is easy and fast. Also, Subway has an attractive incentive for its workers. To apply, just read this article properly and follow the prompts.Subway Career

As a matter of fact, franchises are working as subway restaurants worldwide. This means that franchisees are operated and owned by individuals and smaller stakeholders. Here, the hiring of staff is controlled by the owner based on demand or need.

However, Subway career gives you an opportunity to submit your online application depending on the opportunities available. Interested job seekers in Subway can go to their online portal to apply for jobs.

However, before making an application, ensure that you have the requirements stated in the job description in a nearby famous subway restaurant. If you want to apply, take the steps below:

How to Apply For Subway Career:

  • To start with, go to and access the official page of the site with any device of your choice.
  • On the main page, go to the search option to search for a job at Subway restaurant. Choose the country in which you are searching for a job.
  • Now, proceed to search for your job either by location or by store. Enter your location in the given field and click the “Search” button.
  • Here, a list of available restaurants will pop up. Choose the location you want and move on.
  • After that, click on the “Continue” button. A user verification pop-up window will open in front of you, enter your email and verification code as given on the screen, and click on “OK”.
  • On the next page, fill the comprehensive application online form. Carefully answer the questions step by step.
  • This form consists of mainly six steps, ensure you enroll all your accurate data in the respective field and submit your online application in Subway Career.

Supportive Tools:

While applying for an online career you MUST have the following supportive tools:

A browser such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8 or above.

Enabled Java scripting

Cookies should be allowed.

FAQ About 

How do I apply for a job at Subway?

To apply, go to Click on “Apply Today” and enter a zip code in the area where you want to work. Carefully review the specific locations the system identifies. Select the stores where you want to apply by clicking the on-screen box. In the end, submit your application and wait for a call-up. This may take days or weeks. But if you meet their criteria, you will be called to resume work.

Does subway do online applications?

Yes, the explanation above shows that you can apply online. Just go to the portal and fill the application form to start.

What are the jobs at Subway?

Jobs here include Sandwich Artist™, Customer service agents, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, and Multi-Unit Manager, and so on.

Does subway hire 15?

Yes, Subway generously hires workers as young as fifteen or sixteen to fill entry-level positions. However, this highly depends on state regulations. On the other hand, the company often imposes a minimum hiring age of 18 for applicants seeking managerial jobs.