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Enroll At My Sooner Care Login For Medical Treatment – Phone Number

Have you ever been sick and had to sponsor all your medical fees including all laboratory tests, medicines, hospital charges, and many other expenses all by yourself? If yes, I am certain it wasn’t easy at all.Sooner Care Login

You must have spent a whole lot. What if you learn about an online medical facility that will take care of all your expenses? I am certain, you will welcome it gladly. My Sooner Care is an online platform gives free facility to the patient to get continued medical treatment.

The only thing a patient needs to do is to register at Sooner Care’s online web portal. Once the patient registers with them, he/she will enjoy benefits like physician visits, hospitalization, prescription charges, and lots more.

Sooner Care Login

You can easily access your medical record using your sooner care Login. The Oklahoma Soonercare Login will grant you access to your online account without heck. To complete your Sooner care Login;

  • visit the official webpage 
  • enter your login detail; Username and password
  • Click the Sign In button

Next, you will be redirected to your account online without hecks. If you cant still access your account, you are free to use the reset password button to reset your account password.

How to Enroll At My Sooner Care For Medical Treatment

  • To start with, go to with any browser of your choice. You can do this with any device you have.
  • On the official page, click on the “Apply for Benefits”. This will take you to a place where you have to carefully review the terms and conditions and tick on “I agree”.
  • Now, proceed to click on “Create an Account”. Enter your personal details. Only people from 15 years and above can enroll for this.
  • Proceed to choose an option that you want and enter your social security number with confirmation.
  • Enter other details about your race, ethnicity, your citizenship, and residency for further proceedings.

Lastly, enter your Tax info like; Property tax, monthly expenses, monthly income, and health insurance facility. Once you are done, click on Submit button to complete your application.

Vital Notice:

To apply in My Sooner Care, you MUST complete your documentation as required. If all your details are not correct, you won’t qualify. The details they need for enrollment include health insurance numbers, detail of monthly income, and Tax statement.


How do I apply for Sooner Care online?

Just read what is written above about the enrollment process. Also, you can use a form to apply for Sooner Care health insurance for yourself and everyone in your immediate family who lives with you. It as well as an app that you can download in English or Spanish.

How do I find my Sooner Care ID number?

You can print it from the member portal if you applied online at However, if you applied through the Department of Human Services, they can print an ID card for you.

How do I log into my Sooner Care account?

When you go to the portal, enter your User ID and password to log on to your account. If you do not have a user account, but you have your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can create an account using your PIN.

How do I apply for Sooner Care for my child?

Just go to your local county office to apply for services. To apply for Sooner Care for children, pregnant women, parents of minor children, or Family Planning, you can go to My Sooner Care’s official homepage.

I hope you got value. Please if you have questions, tell us in the comments section.

Sooner Care Phone Number

Member or Applicant with questions about SoonerCare?

If you need help with the Online SoonerCare Application

Call at 800-987-7767.

For those with questions that concern Insure Oklahoma?

Call Helpline at 888-365-3742
Providers with questions about SoonerCare?

For immediate assistance with claim research or resolution of other Oklahoma SoonerCare issues, contact the OHCA Call Center:

  • (405) 522-6205 or
  • (800) 522-0114

Providers may contact the SoonerCare Coordinator to request training by clicking here.

Administrative Offices

Phone: 405-522-7300

Oklahoma Health Care Authority
4345 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

The OHCA is located on Lincoln Boulevard, just north of the state capitol.