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Spyware – What is Spyware – How to Detect Spyware – How to Remove Spywares

You may have heard the name “Spyware” and still wondering what it is. Contained in this article is everything you need to know about malware; how it works and how it can be removed.  Read to the end and your curiosity will be satisfied.


What is Spyware?

Spyware is malicious software that can be stored in the computer system through cookies, without the user knowing about it. This software collects all the necessary and sensitive information from the computer system and takes it to entirely different users. Spyware can be used to hack someone’s device without the person knowing.

Spyware is of four types which are: aware, system monitors, tracking cookies, and Trojans.

How does Spyware Work?

Spyware is installed in a user’s computer system without his knowledge. This software attacks the computer storage and processing ability. It monitors all the activities carried out on the computer including the internet activities, all the files there are.

If it attacks your internet activities, extracting the information there and replacing them with unnecessary sales offer or use the extracted information to rank their own website.

Reports had it that a greater percentage of all personal computers, about 80%, have Spyware. Some people actually think it is a computer virus not knowing it as malware

The difference between a computer virus and malware is that a computer virus is a code programmed to multiply itself in the computer system, destroying personal files or the operating system of the computer while Spyware programmed to steal its way into the computer without permission from the computer user.

It hides in the background, making unnecessary changes in your system while the personal files seem unattacked.

How to Prevent Spyware – Spyware Virus – Malware Software – Spyware App

Malware gets into the computer without obtaining permission from the owner but computers can be prevented and be protected from Spyware attack by following the instructions below;

  • Use a good cyber-security program to counter advanced Spyware. Use those ones that include real-time protection Do not open emails from unknown senders.
  • If you receive a file from an unknown sender, verify the source before downloading

How do I Remove Spywares from my Computer – How to Detect When you are Attacked by a Spyware Virus | App | Software

If by any chance you notice malware on your system, do not panic. Spywareattack computers from the internet, it can be downloaded as an App, so also as software. Just follow the steps listed below to remove it

  • Clean up your computer system using a good and strong cyber-security program for aggressive removal technology such as Malwarebytes.
  • Create awareness against fraudulent activities to the institutions involved if sensitive information such as your bank details or password is stored on your computer. You can as well create public awareness.
  • Report the potential violations to Law enforcement authorities if images, audio, or video files are among the files you lost.

How to prevent your Computer from Spyware Virus | App | Software Attack

To prevent your computer from been infected from by virus you will have to  do many if not all of the following:

  1. Stop Downloading Apps and Software from Unsecured Sites.
  2. Do not download free Apps and Software as it comes with viruses.
  3. make sure you have an antivirus installed on your computer.
  4. Always update your antivirus and firewall protection.

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