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Bank of America Bank Near Me

Are you a Bank of American customer? If yes, do you want to know this bank branch close to your location? To get this detail, carefully read this article to the very end. This bank is one of the biggest banking in the U.S. Its head office is in Charlotte, N.C. it was established in 1998.

However, it began in 1904 in San Francisco as the Bank of Italy and later became Bank of America. By 1930, it was already ranked as the world’s largest commercial bank. Today, it has about 4,300 locations in 37 American states including Washington D.C.

Bank of America Bank Near Me

Bank of America Branches

States with More Than 100 Bank of America Locations

State                                                   Number of Locations

New Jersey                                           229

New York                                            166

Texas                                                   137

California                                             456

Florida                                                 219

Massachusetts                                      209

Fifty to 100 locations are found in the following states:









North Carolina

States with one to 10 locations include:


New Mexico




States with 11 to 20 locations are:








States with 21-50 Bank locations are:

New Hampshire



Rhode Island

South Carolina


Washington, D.C.





How to Find the Closest Bank of America to Me

To find the nearest Bank of America bank near you is very simple and easy. Take the steps below:

  • Go to the Bank of America website.
  • Proceed to the “Locations” and click on the search box.
  • In the box, enroll your address, ZIP code, or landmark, if you know it. Or you can simply enter a state name. Click “Go.”

However, there’s another option. Check the top of the “Locations” page, there’s a blue tab below the Bank of America symbol that says, “Find locations with…” Click it to get to a drop-down menu with various options to indicate your search results. You can check options like “Express financial center,” “Accepts appointments,” “Night deposits accepted,” “ATM Services Available” and more. Check the option you prefer and click “Done” to receive your new results.

However, if you need further details like directions to the location of your choice, click on “Directions”. It is at the bottom of each Bank of America branch listing in the results. You’ll receive a notice that states that you’re leaving the Bank of America website. Click “Continue” to go to Google maps where you can find driving directions to your location.

Further details

Bank of America is FDIC-insured, this simply implies that deposits in checking, savings, money market savings accounts, and CDs are insured for up to $250,000 per depositor. Individual retirement accounts — IRAs — have a separate insurance rate of up to $250,000 per owner.

Moreover, Bank of America operates approximately 17,000 ATMs for user convenience. About 39 million people enjoy online banking without stress. Also, up to 31 million of her customers use mobile banking services.

 customer service line

If you need help regarding location, call 844-401-8500 and follow the instant prompts to get the information you need.

I hope you got value. Do you have questions? If yes, keep them in the comments section.

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