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Craigslist – Phoenix Craigslist – Craigslist Denver – Minnesota

Do you seek to have a job? Here is the best site to find one. 

Craigslist is one of the popular sites that create job boards up to millions for each year. Thus, it entertains available jobs across hundreds of different cities.  Mind you, this site is U.S based and Canadian. Most importantly, it talks about blue-collar and less senior office roles.Craigslist

However, Craigslist is a place you can come and advertise for vacancies, and also come to find a job. But then, nothing goes for nothing! Craigslist will eventually charge you for posting jobs on the site. Of course, there is no way you won’t reach people and this serves as a quick way to recruit a new workforce.


Let me start by asking you the category where you belong. Are you here for a job posting or here to find a job? Thus, this determines the next action we will take. Earlier, we mentioned job posting charges, right? Here are the common charges you will get. Mind you, the fee varies by city and as such, you need to pay attention to the list we have here.

Again, the charges you see in the list below are targeted to each of the posts you make targeting any of the cities. Guess what? The larger the city, the higher the cost per post.

Craigslist Prices by Cities

  • Albuquerque, NM: $25.00
  • Anchorage / Mat-Su, AK: $25.00
  • Ann Arbor, MI: $25.00
  • Annapolis, MD: $20.00
  • Asheville, NC: $25.00
  • Athens, GA:$15.00
  • Atlanta, GA: $35.00
  • Austin, TX: $35.00
  • Baltimore, MD: $35.00
  • Billings, MT: $15.00
  • Birmingham, AL: $25.00
  • Bloomington, IN $15.00
  • Boise, ID: $25.00
  • Boston, MA: $45.00
  • Boulder, CO:$25.00
  • Buffalo, NY: $25.00
  • Central NJ, NJ: $35.00
  • Charleston, SC: $25.00
  • Charleston, WV:$10.00
  • Charlotte, NC: $35.00
  • Charlottesville, VA: $20.00
  • Chicago, IL: $45.00
  • Cincinnati, OH: $25.00
  • Cleveland, OH: $25.00
  • Colorado Springs, Co: $25.00
  • Columbia, Sc: $25.00
  • Corvallis/Albany, OR: $20.00
  • Dallas / Fort Worth, TX: $45.00
  • Delaware: $25.00
  • Denver, Co: $45.00
  • Des Moines, IA: $25.00
  • Eugene, OR: $25.00
  • Evansville, IN $15.00
  • Fayetteville, AR: $20.00
  • Ft Myers / SW Florida : $25.00
  • Grand Rapids, MI: $25.00
  • Hampton Road, VA: $25.00
  • Hartford, CT: $25.00
  • Houston, TX: $35.00
  • Indianapolis, IN $25.00
  • Inland Empire, CA: $35.00
  • Jacksonville, FL: $25.00
  • Kansas City, MO:$35.00
  • Lincoln, NE: $25.00
  • Los Angeles, CA: $35.00
  • Madison, WI: $25.00
  • Maine: $25.00
  • Memphis, TN: $25.00
  • Milwaukee, WI: $25.00
  • Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN: $45.00
  • Nashville, TN: $35.00
  • New Hampshire: $25.00
  • New Haven, CT: $25.00
  • Also, New Orleans, LA: $25.00
  • New York City, NY: $45.00
  • North Dakota, ND: $15.00
  • Oklahoma City, OK: $25.00
  • Omaha /Council Bluffs, NE: $25.00
  • Orange County, CA: $45.00
  • Orlando, FL: $35.00
  • Philadelphia, PA: $35.00
  • Phoenix, AZ: $45.00
  • Pittsburgh, PA: $35.00
  • Portland, OR: $45.00
  • Rhode Island, RI: $25.00
  • Richmond, VA: $25.00
  • Sacramento, CA: $35.00
  • Salt Lake City, UT: $35.00
  • San Diego, CA: $45.00
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA:$75.00
  • Seattle –Tacoma, WA:$45.00
  • South Florida:$45.00
  • Spokane / Coeur D’alene, WA: $25.00
  • Louis, MO: $35.00
  • Tucson, AZ: $25.00
  • Wyoming: $15.00

Now, you must have known the cost of posting a job on craigslist, right? So, let’s look at the other requirements that you need to meet.


Here are the things you need to make your posting successful. They are set of details about your company and more.

  • Specify the job title.
  • Provide your company’s name.
  • Make sure your write up is well spelled.
  • Point out the job skills, duties, and requirements.
  • Make use of easy to understand words while addressing the nature of the job.
  • Ensure that the requirements are in line with the nature of the job.
  • Set up the screening questions for all candidates.
  • Employ voicemail communication for answering questions.

 How to Post a Job on Craigslist

  • Move on to
  • Select the city you want to post and click on it.
  • Select “Post to Classifieds”
  • Next, move on to choose the type of job you are advertising.
  • Highlight your business on the map and upload images.
  • Confirm the details you have entered before you click on publish.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Proceed to enter your payment details and afterward, hit the “Pay Now” button.

I posted a job; I am looking for employees who responded?

Once your industry is well stated, you can find employees who posted for such jobs.


Step one, launch to the homepage and locate the “Jobs” section

Next, Pick the industry you belong to from the list

Finally, Move on to change the search filter from “Jobs” to “resumes” or “Services”. thus, this allows you to view posts by job seekers.

How to Make a Craigslist Free Job Posting:

Am sure this will interest you so much.

  • Move to and choose the city you want to post to.
  • Select “Post to Classifieds”.
  • Next, click Job Offered.
  • Any area with a price tag is the only place you will post-free. it could be your place.
  • Select your job’s category and then add a job description. However, make it easy to understand.
  • Add images about the job.
  • Lastly, read what you have entered once an again and then move to confirm the terms of use,
  • Afterward, confirm your posting via email and get started.

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