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Elance Login – Online Jobs on Upwork | How to Pay & Withdraw from your Elance Account

Elance (Upwork) is a freelancing website that enables independent professionals in collaborating to provide their services to people that need them.  But you need to access your account using your Elance login details.

Elance Login


Elance Login enables users to get access to their Elance account and find people who are in need of their services like web development, design, sales, engineering, data science, and many more.

Either you are looking for people to sell your services to, or you want to hire people to render a particular service to you, Elance Login gives you access to performing these.

Elance Create Account | How to Sign Up on the Upwork Platform as a freelancer and a Biz

To create an account with Elance you will need some personal and work or professional information. with the below instructions you can sign up on the platform at no charge.

  • Visit the official URL of the Upwork.
  • tap on the signup button at the page top.
  • You either register with your email address or use your google account to sign up.
  • if you are registering with your email, enter your email address and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Login to your Upwork Account (Elance) | Upwork Login

To log in to your Elance account, you can use login through Google or with your email address. The steps below provide a guide to logging into your Elance account.

UpWork Sign  In as a Freelancer 

Here are some steps to take to access your Elance login dashboard;

  • Open your device browser
  • On the address bar of your device browser,
  • On the homepage that opens, click on “log in”.
  • If you want to log in with your email, fill out your username or email. Then select continue.
  • If you chose to log in using your Google account, click “Sign in with Google” and follow the instructions that come up.

Online Jobs on Elance | How to Work on Upwork as a Freelancer | Elance Jobs

Elance provides a marketplace and a working environment where buyers and sellers of services connect.

It gives skillful freelancers and Agencies access to getting their work done and rendering their services to other people as the case may be.

At the Elance website, the rating, hiring, and payment are all conducted online.

Anyone who wants to promote his work on Elance showcases their previous work and writes a proposal that will explain well their skills and abilities in completing a job efficiently, and with a high level of expertise.

Elance provides a friendly working environment where workers and clients can communicate with one another in the workroom.

Job Categories on Elance for Freelancers

Below are the services one can buy or sell on Elance

  • Web, software, and Mobile development
  • Design and Creative
  • Writing
  • Customer service
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Analytics and Data science
  • Administrative support
  • Sales and marketing

How to Make Payment from your Elance Account as Freelancer and Businesses

In Elance, payment is not made directly from the buyer to the seller, rather it has to be made through Elance.

This means that the buyer makes an advanced payment to the Elance account not directly to the contractors.  The seller gets paid by Elance after the buyer confirms the work is done.

In Elance, payments can be using medium MasterCard, visa, American Express, wire transfer, cheque (for residents of United States only), or PayPal.

How to Withdraw From your Account on the Upwork Platform

To withdraw money from Elance account, the user can make use of Skrill wire transfer, Payoneer Debit MasterCard, cheque, or bank transfer “for US contractors only”

Note that the medium of withdrawal on Elance is dependent on your country of residence. For example “Cheque” is only for residents of the United States.

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