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PayPal Sign Out: PayPal Log Out of all Devices

This post is your help guide as it provides all the instructions to sign out on a PayPal account. These steps are very easy and even a tech dummy understands them. But wait, is signing from a PayPal account even needed? Does PayPal sign out to protect my account?

I don’t know about you, but if you are interested in protecting your PayPal account, the PayPal sign-out guide is a must. In other words, It’s a must-account precaution measure if you must keep your account secured and protected. This is mostly from potential online fraudsters and personality attackers.

To sign out from your account with your browser, go to the official site. Then, tap on the account menu on the dropdown list. Next, navigate and click on Log out to sign out from PayPal.

PayPal Sign Out

PayPal Log Out Issues

If you are experiencing a log of a challenge, the detailed guide in this post will help you fix what the challenges are. However, account security on PayPal is dependent on both the security measures provided by PayPal and your observance of user security compliance.

I know you treasure your credit or debit card and your bank login credentials, as you fully know, those details in the wrong hands can bankrupt you in just a few minutes. That’s why it’s important to keep your account secure.

All Devices – Sign out of PayPal

You can log out on all devices your PayPal account is logged in. and it can be done in seconds. You can do an Android PayPal log out, Desktop sign out, iOS or iPhone account log out, iPad PayPal account log out by visiting the PayPal official domain.

PayPal Log Out Everywhere – Log Out Instructions

  • With a web browser, visit
  • Navigate to the account menu or settings
  • Click on the logout button
  • You will be automatically signed out.

Yes, you are signed out, which contributes to keeping your login credentials away from fraudsters but if you fail to keep to some account security measures, if you like, log out a thousand times, you will surely get into the wrong hands someday.

PayPal Account Security Precautions to Practice

The truth remains that your login details are your money lifeline, your handling it responsibly determines the level of account protection you will enjoy all through your account lifespan on the platform.

  1. Choose a Strong Password combination (preferably, letters, numbers & characters)
  2. Use a unique password only for account
  3. Don’t share access to the email address used in opening an account
  4. Don’t show or share your login credentials with anyone, if you must share, be sure you trust the person
  5. Also, Don’t save your password for easy login on web browsers

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