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Google Shopping List – Create Shopping List – Add Items to your Google Shopping List

Have ever considered an organized list of items you need in a prioritized form. What more is important in buying other than buying what you need as well as buying when you need it? Google Shopping list gives you the technological advantage of making a list of items and products you would want to purchase either online through an eCommerce store or offline when you visit a physical store or supermarket.

Google Shopping List

With Google express apps and Google home, you can create and manage items on the shopping list App. More so, the shopping list feature on google apps allows you to create, view, and compare products and it’s consumer review to know which best meet your need.

How to Create a Google Shopping List without Sign Up

You don’t necessarily need to sign up for google apps or register on google express apps to create a shoppinglist, with your Google Home voice device, you can create and manage a shopping list.

Google Home App

Google Home app is a voice command tool that pairs with products that use Google Assistant to execute voice command. It can also be used on android to power up other Google products, like google voice search, used to control music streaming in platforms like Shopify and more.

Create a Shopping List

Creating a shopping list as easy as ABC, with careful observance of the instructions below, you will be set with your list of items well arranged in your new google home app.

  1. Open Google Home app
  2. If you are signed in to google account, you wouldn’t need to sign in again
  3. But if not, sign in with your Gmail account
  4. Tap on the settings icon
  5. Click on show more settings
  6. Slide or toggle the personal result button to turn it on.

Add More Google Home Device

You will need to continue from number 6 of the instructions above.

  • Click on settings
  •  Navigate to Google assistant services
  • Hit the “more settings” to display all the settings
  • Tap “Assistant.
  • Select “voice match”
  • Tap on add devices
  • Add devices you want to link your voice to.
  • Select continue widget.

How to Add items to your Shopping List Manually

With the voice command, you can add items to your google shopping list. Follow the below guide to add items to your shopping-list.

  • Open Google Home app
  • Click on account icon to verify account ownership
  • On the homepage, click the settings tab
  • Navigate and tap more settings
  • Select service
  • Select the shopping list
  • Tap on add items
  • Key in the item name
  • Click done.

Google Home App – Adding Items to Shopping List – Share Shopping List

In the app, you can set a shopping list and even share that shopping list with other people. First, navigate to Shopping List under Services to add items.

You can also share your shopping list with someone and add someone to your shopping list with their email addresses.

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