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Partake In Texas Chicken Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you a frequent customer of Texas Chicken? If yes, you frequently go there because of their very delicious food and the quality of their customer service. Only these 2 reasons can make someone visit a particular eatery frequently.

To continue with this high standard, Texas Chicken is conducting an online survey to still improve more on their meals and services. Does that not sound amazing? So, they really want to know what their customers think about their services.Texas Chicken

What do you have to do? As a frequent customer, take the online survey and tell them how you see their services and meals. Also, tell them areas you think they need improvement. Lastly, commend them in those areas you know they are doing great.

So, did you recently purchase their food? If yes, take part in the survey and get a validation code for your next meal here. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s go there.

Prize: Validation Code

Because Texas Chicken really values the time of her customers, there’s a reward for each participant. Here, you will win a validation code after completing this short survey. The code is a special offer printed on your purchase receipt. After getting the validation code, write it on the purchase receipt, and then take it to the restaurant for redeeming the special offer. It’s simple and easy.

How to take Texas Chicken Customer Satisfaction Survey

To start with, ensure that your device has an internet connection. Also, keep handy your recent purchase receipt. After that, take the steps below:

Go to

There is a blank box and a few selection boxes on the screen. Enter the restaurant number and the date when you visited the store. Proceed to click the “Start” button to begin this online survey.

Please note that the entire process takes less than 5 minutes to answer all the questions. After answering all the survey questions you will get the validation code to enjoy the special offer. Ensure that your feedback is objective and sincere. It will be a great way to improve the services of this great eatery.

I hope you got value. Please keep your questions in the comments section.