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ZipBooks Accounting Software | Reviews, Features, Price & Login

ZipBooks Accounting Software for Small Businesses

ZipBooks is a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based accounting software designed for small businesses. ZipBooks accounting software helps you significantly streamline financial operations and increase productivity. However you can still get access to all the essential accounting, inventory, sales, and purchase features it provides,



More so, ZipBooks offers a smart system and procedures for keeping your billing on track and on time while providing you with feedback as you go. You can choose regular invoicing or set up a subscription for continuous billing customized to your needs.

Software Features

Billing Management Feature

The billing feature helps you customize your invoices according to your needs by adding your logo, specific colors, and contact information. Stay up-to-date by keeping track of customer payment and invoice history, overdue balances, and taxes collected. See when your customer has opened an invoice, and prepare and view receipts. Other billing management features include:

  • Billable Expenses
  • Credit card processing
  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Manage Customers
  • Mobile
  • Multi-currency
  • Recurring Billing
  • Reminders
  • Saved Items
  • Team Management
  • Time Tracking

Account Management Feature

The best thing about using ZipBooks is that it provides you with a smart way to track all your transactions, keep track of what you owe and who owes you, and figure out how much your business is making. Here is a list of the accounting features to keep your transactions running smoothly:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Connect
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Auto-Categorization
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Project Accounting
  • Tagging

Expense Management Feature

The expense features in ZipBooks software provide efficient methods for recording and allocating expenses, saving receipts, and managing vendors you do business with. Do what you do best and let ZipBooks take care of the details for you. More expense features include:

  • Billable Expenses
  • Save Receipts
  • Split Categories
  • Vendor Management

Intelligence Management Feature

The best software feature ever is ZipBooks Intelligence. The intelligence feature combines intuitive, click-minimizing software with smart insights and suggestions that will help you retain customers, get paid faster, and save money in places you might otherwise overlook.

With features like the ZipBooks Business Health Score, Invoice Quality Score, and smart recommendations, it will help you increase your potential for new and sustained revenue, cut down on late payments, and guide you toward optimal performance in all areas of your business. Here’s a list of all the intelligence features:

  • Business Health Score
  • Invoice Quality Score
  • Machine Learning
  • Recommendations
  • Smart Search

Positive User Reviews: Positive Things Users Are Saying About ZipBooks Software

Users who gave positive reviews on review sites of their experience with ZipBooks say that the most likeable thing about ZipBooks is its user-friendly and intuitive design, and a good number talked about how their customer service team quickly responds to questions and inquiries.

Negative User Reviews: Negative Things Users Are Saying About ZipBooks Software

Users who gave negative reviews on review sites mentioned the fact that the software does not have an inventory tracking feature. As well as the lack of customer support for Android devices.

ZipBooks Pricing

There are four pricing plans or packages for Zip Books users: Starter, Smarter, Sophisticated, and Services. The Starter plan is free; the Smarter and Sophisticated plans cost $15 and $35 per month, respectively; and the Services plan requires custom pricing and starts at $125 per month. Though the only difference between these four plans is access to advanced features,

Software Integrations

Here is a list of some of ZipBooks’s popular integrations with other service industries and software solutions:

  • PayPal
  • WooCommerce
  • Agile CRM
  • Zendesk
  • Stripe
  • Slack

Zip books vs. Xero

In this comparison, we picked the two most sought-after differences people look for when choosing the best software or accounting solution for their businesses. What are the price and features?

ZipBooks vs. Xero: Price Comparison

Here we will answer the question of pricing by outlining similar things and finally showing you the differentiating factor.

How much do both programs cost?

As you would probably expect, both programs have multiple subscription levels that include different features and capabilities. They both offer free 30-day trials, and while Xero appears to be the cheaper option on the starter level, features are pretty limited. Payroll integration can be purchased as an add-on with any plan.

ZipBooks offers a completely free starter level that includes unlimited invoicing and bookkeeping. ZipBooks also include business health scores and invoice quality scores to help you figure out where you could be upping your game to make business better. While payroll is an add-on, ZipBooks partners with Gusto to give you the tools you need at a great price.

ZipBooks vs. Xero vs. QuickBooks Online: Feature Comparison

Because of time and to take you to the official page where you would believe the numbers from the horse’s mouth, we are going to mention only one feature comparison. If you need more, you can visit this page to view all the feature reviews and comprehensive price comparisons.

Time Tracking Feature

Both Xero and QuickBooks Online have trackers that let you keep track of the time you spend on certain projects or tasks, individual users, and billable time. One difference is that currently, the QuickBooks Online time tracker only allows for manual time entries. For a comprehensive, go-with-you-anywhere time tracker, you’ll have to purchase the T-Sheets add-on. On the other hand, Xero offers a mobile app for tracking time and projects.

What about ZipBooks?

ZipBooks has a convenient time tracker that you can use on your desktop or on the go. Set up the project and task you’re working on and let it run in the background. Make changes to time entries later if you forget to set or stop a timer, and mark time entries as billable to customers so you’re sure to get paid for every minute. For those who may think we are biased by picking the Bible feature of ZipBooks against Xero and QuickBooks Online, check out the official comparison page here.

Zipbooks vs. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks and ZipBooks: What do both software have in common?

  • Serve small business owners, freelancers, and accountants
  • The cloud-based product offers multiple tiers of pricing with add-ons (like payroll).
  • Include the following features:
  • Track income and expenses and run reports.
  • Connect bank accounts and accept online payments.
  • Send invoices and estimates.
  • Set up automated recurring billing.
  • Track time

ZipBooks: The Unique Side

  • Offers a free forever plan (starter) with unlimited invoicing.
  • The growth plan gathers reviews to improve local SEO.
  • Accountants can text clients from their ZipBooks dashboard.

QuickBooks: The Unique Side

  • The Simple Start plan starts at $20/month (for QBO).
  • Offers a desktop version of QuickBooks (starting at $299).
  • CPAs can pay to become QuickBooks certified.

Over to you!

The truth is, you don’t have to take my word for it even after this whole comparison. To be on the safe side, you can contact a professional accountant to help you choose which accounting software to go with—Xero, QuickBooks Online, ZipBooks, Wave—the list is endless. But we can sure say that ZipBooks is a good shot for small businesses. And serves all your accounting needs.

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