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Listen to Music Online: Best Free Site for Online Music Streaming

Listen to Music Online

Online music streaming might not sound like a new word to you. You might have listened to music online without downloading them, probably because you don’t have memory space left on your smart devices on platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, and the rest. Listening to music online through the above-mentioned music streaming platforms goes with the payment.

Listen to Music Online


In this post, I will introduce different online music streaming sites where you can listen and download music online without payment of a sort.

The gist is – why spend money trying to download or listen to music on streaming platforms when you can download and stream your favorite songs and even the latest songs at no cost. With the music streaming site, I am about to release you can listen to music anywhere anytime for free.

Listen to Music Online: Best Music Streaming Sites

Gladly, your days of paying to listen to music online have come to end. As I will give you the list of site that allows visitors to stream music without any form of payment. Here goes the list:

  1. Jango – listen to thousands of music and music genre stations on Jango without having to battle with ad display littered all over the site. If you care to know, Jango is well good at online radio platforms for streaming music. Not only do you stream the latest music on Jango but as well do that for free.
  2. Deezer – Listen to music on the most popular streaming platform on the internet for free.
  3. SoundCloud – I mentioned SoundCloud earlier on. Yes, quite a good number of their music is streamed under a paid subscription. But you can still find millions of tracks on their platform for free. More so you can add your personal track to the platform at no charge.
  4. YouTube – many would ask, what is YouTube doing here as a music streaming platform. Yeah, we all know that YouTube is wildly known for Video content. However, you can listen to good music through the YouTube platform without having to create an account with them.
  5. McCloud – the number one music streaming platform with various streams like radio shows, genre, mixes, and podcasts,
  6. and even talk shows. Surprisingly, all of these are free of charge.
  7. AccuRadio – this music streaming site is also a good platform to listen to music with less or no payment. Users prefer this platform because of its simple user experience.