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PayPal Sign Up for Free – Sign Up for a free PayPal Card – Pay with PayPal

Do you know you can pay for in-store purchases with your PayPal card? Amazingly, many don’t still know that PayPal is offering all users the opportunity to sign up for a free PayPal card accepted by millions of merchants globally. PayPal sign up for free gives you access to apply or sign up for PayPal card for free.

PayPal Sign Up for Free

Making Payments with PayPal is gradually become extremely accepted as with Credit or debit MasterCard or Visa Card. However, to sign up for a PayPal card, you will first need to do PayPal sign up for free that’s if you don’t have an account with PayPal yet.

PayPal – Paying with PayPal – PayPal Payment – With PayPal Buyer Protection is Guaranteed

When you make online purchases, what do you pay with? If my guess is right, which is, often, you pay with a credit card.

In the event the product or services paid for isn’t delivered, what will be your fate? More so, what if you placed your credit card details on a false website?

The solution to all of the above-mentioned payment issues is in one payment gateway; PayPal – a secured online payment processing company.

How Payment is Protect is Protected Using Paypal

You open an account with PayPal and provide your credit card details on PayPal.

So, when you buy something on eBay or some small merchant’s website, you can just enter your PayPal id (usually your email id) and password to make the payment. And if the seller doesn’t send you goods, PayPal will refund you the money.

That’s what PayPal does – it helps buyers to make purchases from unknown small-time sellers. PayPal takes care of the “trust” in eCommerce transactions.

More so, it helps to send money to loved ones, friends and also pay for items at a large number of online stores like restaurants, gas stations, groceries, etc. did also mentions that PayPal can be used to receive your Business payment. When you do PayPal Sign Up for free, you can send and receive money from fellow PayPal account holders. To be able to use this transfer service, all you need to do is to link your credit card to your PayPal account and you are good to go.

What if you sign Up for a free PayPal Card?

The need to adding your credit card details will be abolished, you know, you can just credit your account and pay with a PayPal card. But before then, you will need to create a PayPal account

PayPal Sign Up for Free

The signup process is easy and simple, all you need is a bank detail, personal information, and valid contact info; email for account verification purposes.

Register PayPal Account for Free

The steps are extremely easy and simple with no special tech-savvy skills and certification.

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate and tap on the signup button
  3. Provide all the information required
  4. Create an account

Sign Up for a free PayPal Card – PayPal Debit Card Sign Up for free

You can sign up for the PayPal Cash MasterCard to shop online and in-store with your PayPal balance everywhere MasterCard is accepted or withdraw cash at ATM worldwide. All with no monthly fee, no minimum balance, and no credit check.

To Sign Up for PayPal Cash MasterCard visit the official card sign-up page at and follow the card sign up process. If you have applied and gotten yours, you can as well activate it on the site.

Payment with PayPal

PayPal payment happens with the PayPal app or PayPal web, where you use a web browser to access the PayPal website and make payment. For the PayPal app, you can download it in the Google play store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS users.

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