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Register At Shell Fleet Card to Get Online Benefits

Do you need a card that will allow you to earn lots of rewards? If yes, the Shell Fleet Card is for you. It is actually a fuel card and is best suited for people who have cars and don’t want to spend much on fuel.

Once you have this fleet card, you will get excellent benefits at 90% of fuel stations, both on the highway and within the city.

Additionally, you will receive a 2 penny discount on the petroleum agency’s announced fuel price. That’s not even all; you will enjoy other benefits too. However, you must register for this card’s online account to enjoy the benefits.

Shell Fleet Card


How to Register for a Shell Fleet Card to Get Online Benefits

To start with, go to with any device with an internet connection.

Proceed to click on the “register now” tab. This will lead you to a registration page.

Here, supply all the details they will demand from you.

Now, enter the account number, the expiration date of the card number, the zip code, the name of the fleet managers, and the official email address.

Once you register, Shell Company will contact you in regards to the products and services in which you are interested.

Benefits of the Fleet Card

Easy payment of monthly bills from the online account

The ability to control and monitor your card account from anywhere

Access to an electronic billing statement.

You can easily download and even print your monthly billing statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shell Fleet Card?

The Shell Fleet Card gives you all the convenience you need. It helps you to perfectly manage fleets. With the Shell Fleet Card, business owners can easily gain access to the card’s online mobile app. Here, you can have full control of your details and track your card activities.

How do I pay my shell bill online?

To pay online, contact Shell Cards Customer Service for existing card members: 800-331-3703. Once you call, the customer care service will attend to you quickly. Follow the prompts. Also, you can go to their website at and click on the Payment button to pay for your bills. Also, you can mail your payment to: PO Box 9001011, Louisville, Kentucky 40290-1011.

How do I pay my Shell credit card?

You only have to call 800-331-3703 to reach the automated payment system. Click “one” to access account information by your credit card number, or “two” to access the information by your Social Security number.

How do I activate my Shell card?

To activate your card, go to On the website, click on the Activate Card button and follow the prompts. Once you enroll in all the necessary details, click activate, and your card is ready for use.

How do I check the balance on my Shell card?

To check your card balance, just call our toll-free number, (800) 300-8113.

I hope you have value. Please keep your questions in the comments section.