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Website Conversion | 10 Quick Ways To Increase Your Site Conversion Rate

Website Conversion Rate

Getting traffic to your website is one thing, converting those traffic is another thing. If there is traffic with no conversion, it’s almost as good as nothing. A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action or converts on an offer. Visitors who visit your website without indulging themselves in any meaningful action such as purchasing a product or signing up for your email newsletter do you no good.

Website Conversion

Quick ways to increase your website conversion rate

Here’s is the list of conversion rate practices that will turn your visitors into paying customers:

  1. Headline

Your headline is the first thing your visitor sees when they land on your page. Carefully select and scrutinize many possible headlines before using the one that would best fit the topic and has a catchy phrase.

  1. Testimonials

Using testimonials on your site increases your chances of converting them as your prospective customers view them as social proof, thereby gaining trust in your brand.

  1. Use video

Using videos helps to make your brand feel more human and can connect easily with the visitors. You can make a short clip of yourself talking about the brand or a product and include it on your landing pages.

  1. Add comment sections

Adding comment sections allows the customers to air their views on the product they want to buy and at the same time, it gives them ample opportunity to have a conversation with you so you can know what’s on their mind.

  1. Add reviews sections

According to research carried out by Zendesk, 88% of customers said that their purchases were influenced based on the positive and negative reviews they read about such products.

  1. Make provision of different payment options

Providing different methods for your customers to use after they make a purchase is a way of satisfying your customers. Not all would like to pay using their card. You can include payment options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, BitX, card, etc.

  1. Use high-definition images

Avoid using tacky photos or images with low quality as it can send a wrong message about the product you are showcasing. Always use high quality and professional images that displays everything about the product and are catchy to the eyes as most people are moved by what they see.

  1. Use different CTA buttons

When your page is viewed using mobile devices, buttons are more preferable and more clickable to links. You can create different CTA buttons that can easily take them to your landing page.

  1. Optimize your website to be mobile-friendly

There is an increasing number of users who access the internet from their mobile devices. Statistics show that in 2017, 252.7 million users accessed the internet from their mobile device and it increased to 262.4 million users in 2018. The number is expected to grow as the year goes by. Hence the need for your page to be optimized for mobile devices so that the visitors can view the same content on the desktop computers on their phone without having to strain their eyes.

  1. Offer discounts

You can offer bonus discounts for first-timers on your site such as free shipping for purchasing a certain product above a certain price margin or a 10% off discount on their first purchase. This is also a way of gaining their interest but be careful not to give too much so you don’t run at loss.


Increasing the conversion rate to your website is not as difficult as most people think it is. With these ten ways drafted for you, you can apply them and turn that traffic into conversions. By then you would have built a high website conversion authority.