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Headlines | 5 Headline Tactics to Rank #1 from Google Top 10 Search Results in 30 days

All you need to rank number one (#1) on Google is to strive to rank on the top 10 search results. You can take care of the rest with compelling, captivating and irresistible headlines.

Here in this post, I will show you how to create or write a compelling headline that brings about an enormous CLICK-THROUGH-RATE. So much so that Google drops other post or content that ranks above and rank your content or post number one (#1) on their search result.


Headline | 5 Headline Tactics to Rank #1 from Google Top 10 Search Results in 30 days

Before we head over on how to create a compelling headline. Let’s review the 5 ingredients of a compelling headline that potential customers are ready to click.

5 Component of compelling headlines with Tons of Click-through-rate

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Specific/on point
  3. Urgency
  4. Curiosity
  5. Relevance

#1: Uniqueness

According to Neil – he once said that a blogger friend of his once told him that anytime he finds a compelling headline while reading, he will tweak it and make it unique for his audience.

Being unique means originality. Doing what others have not done. People have seen a lot of duplicates many times. Even Google is tired of duplicated content. What stands you out both with your audience and search engine and on social media platforms – is how new you appear in your headlines.

Differ from other thousands of post headlines out there. You will get the highest click-through-rate to boost your post on Google #1 result.

#2: Specific/on point

The one mistake I see some bloggers make is trying to show how educated and intelligent they are through ambiguous or vague headlines.

Yes, you use terms particular to your industry. But if there aren’t simple, clear and straight to point enough to captivate your readers, they won’t click on it.

Your headline is meant to be an answer to your reader’s question, not a showoff.

The more precise your headlines are, the more authority you’ll command in your industry and the easier you’ll find it to build a strong connection with customers. Which also comes with enormous clicks.

Here is the gist – to be on point is to know and understand customers’ search intent (Google searches) and write headlines that will meet their needs. That way, your click-through-rate will skyrocket.

#3: Urgency

One way you will land tons of Click-through-rate is to create a sense of losing out on an amazing offer. That fear alone can get people to click on your content.

Remember your greatest quest is to get enough people to click on your post in other to outrank another blog post above you.

In the world of marketing, everyone is looking for a propelling force to get people to act. Offer them one in your headlines and sit back and watch.

#4: Curiosity

Here comes one of the major click-through-rate factor. People always seek for more.

No one wants to be held in suspense. Introducing curiosity in your headlines makes people want to know more about what you have in store for them.

Example: How to gain 50,000 visitors in 1-day: See how I did it.

The basic reason to create curiosity is that it multiplies clicks and engagement like no man’s business.

#5: Relevance

The last component you should definitely follow, if you want your headlines to grab garner a lot clicks-through-rate is to make them relevant. See the above four-component uniqueness, specific/on point, urgency, and curiosity makes no sense if your headline is not relevant.

And Relevancy means it has to reflect what your whole content is about.

You will hurt yourself by creating a compelling headline just to get people to click and see a different thing on the page they click.

Not only that you have lost that customers. Even Google will drop you if you’re already ranking. Because they frown at the bounce rate a lot. The infant bounce rate is the determinant factor if you will keep being on google top list or not.

The relevance of your post or content can mean a lot of things. It can mean – Actionable, Useful, satisfactory, practical, helpful, valuable, beneficial, informative, worthwhile, beneficial, and advantageous, etc.

The gist is – be sure your content gives the best user experience by helping them solve their problem.