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What Car Brand Lasts the Longest and Why?

What Car Brand Lasts the Longest?

Yes, certain car brands last long from the day of its purchase, but instead of focusing on what car makes last the longest, you should be concerned about what car brand can serve for the period you want to drive it. I know you wouldn’t drive one car all your life, except you are retired – old aged and probably looking for a vehicle that will keep rolling you around till you pass on.

What Car Brand Lasts the Longest.

Which Brand of Car Lasts the Longest?

They are three makes of car that has proven to last the longest over the years;

  1. Toyota
  2. Honda
  3. Subaru

Advice to follow before going on to Price a Car

  • Don’t buy a brand-new model of any car. Wait till the most trouble-prone areas are revealed and remedied on next year’s model. This opinion is based on all the gimmicky or new models I thought of buying.
  • Sometimes the reviews by well-known auto reviewers are misleading. A little cup holder on the Dodge Grand Caravan was cited as flimsy and cheap, yet it was the adjustable air vent and the hood latch release lever on my Honda that broke down and broke off.
  • Consider the cost of replacement labor and parts. Changing the headlamp in an older model Unnamed required removing the front grill.

How Do I Make my Car Last Long?

Maintain your car. Find a reliable, honest shop, and let them advise you. I would rather pay for scheduled repairs, replacements, and maintenance than have a surprise in the passing lanes of I95. An honest repair service can also advise you about the costs of repairs and maintenance. They might be able to at least identify the very worst vehicles.

Conveniences and options need to be maintained and repaired, too. Do you need power sliding doors on a van?

How to Save Money Buying a Long-Lasting Car – Longest Lasting Car Brands

Nothing gobbles up the extra money in your paycheck like a car. A person I worked with drove a worn-out old Pontiac, got a call from the repair shop that the bill would be $425. She said to me, “That’s one week’s pay.” So, the best way to avoid spending unnecessarily is to know what Car makes lasts the longest and opt-in for it.


The problem with keeping a car for 50 years is that automotive technology is right in the middle of a massive revolution. The internal combustion engine is on its way out, being replaced by batteries and electric motors. However, electric car technology is also in its infancy and is developing in huge leaps and bounds every year. So it’s virtually guaranteed that any new car you buy now will be utterly obsolete in ten years.

That said, some cars will last pretty much forever if you’re OK with keeping an outdated piece of technology going. Almost anything made by Toyota would top this list, and the Toyota Avalon has repeatedly proven to be the statistically longest-lasting model on the road. In all, it makes to say, that Toyota car is the leading car brand that lasts the longest.