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Zomato for Business – Promote your Restaurant with Zomato Business App – App Features & Download

Zomato for Business promotions and Online presence for Restaurant owners and managers – Have you thought of doing business the different way seeing that people’s Responses to businesses within this global pandemic have changed and lots of Businesses are changing and adapting to new ways of doing business and promoting their products and services. People are investing more in promoting their business online and doing marketing and advertising with online channels in view as places where their customers frequent.

Zomato for Business

To take part in this business shift is an app called Zomato for business, the app has helped millions of restaurant owners and managers push their patronage to a whole new level thereby increasing their ROI which has led to much more expansion and franchise.

Zomato for Business – Create an Online Presence & promote your Restaurants

People eat every day, and they buy from restaurants and get home delivery. What I tell you that your restaurant’s customer base will increase as well as boost double of what you have now with Zamoto for business app… you don’t need to believe me, just google about Zamoto app for business and see what other restaurants owners are accomplishing with the app.

How to does Zomato work?

By joining the Zomato merchant platform/program, your restaurants and its location are enlisted online, so when people who stay close to where your restaurant is searching for places to make their order, your restaurant will be among the listed options to go for. But that is not without registration with the Zomato Merchant partnership program.

Zomato Business App Features – Why you need Zomato to promote your Restaurant and make more Sales

The tomato business app helps you manage your restaurant listing from your mobile phone, but more so, is the amazing features and that comes along with the app version of the Zomato for business promotion online services.

  • App notification
  • Manage your restaurant online
  • Business analysis feature
  • Customer incentive features to drive more sales
  • Restaurant menu updates and Prices list
  • View and keep track of new Check-ins
  • See when customers opt in to visit your restaurants and a lot more.

Get Started with Zomato for Business – How to Drive Sales with Zomato App -

First, to start using Zomato to promote your business and drive more sales, you will need to download the app to your device, the app is available for download on Google play store for Android and Apple Store for iOS users (iPad & iPhone). We will help you with the app download below so you can proceed to register your restaurant with Zomato merchant Partnership program and start using the Zomato for Business app to promote and direct people to buy from your restaurant more especially people who live around where your restaurant is situated but don’t know you exist.

Download Zomato for Business App on Android & iOS Device

The app is the easiest means to manage your business when you register for the merchant partnership program. However, you will need to follow the below instructions to install the app on Android and iOS devices.

On Android

Here we will start with downloading zomato app on Google Play store;

  1. Open google play store
  2. Use the search to bar and search the name of the app “Zomato”
  3. Tap on the app search result
  4. Click on the download button
  5. Wait for the download process to finish
  6. Open the app to start promoting your biz

On iOS Device

The iPhone and iPad Zomato download is on the Apple AppStore;

  1. Open the app store of your iOS
  2. Use the search bar tool, key in the app name
  3. When you find the app, tap on it.
  4. Click on the Install button
  5. Wait for the installation to finish

Register your Restaurant on Zomato –

To start your restaurant promotion to nearby customers, you will need to sign up for the merchant partnership. Here is how;

  1. Open the app your download
  2. Log in or sign up for an account
  3. Create a review listing on Zomato, by visiting “Add restaurant Page”.
  4. Processed and submit your request for partner registration.
  5. You can call the Zomato tie-up contact number instead of filling the partnership registration form.
  6. Ensure you have your documents soft copies ready.
  7. Finish up the paperwork and you are good to go.

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