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AOL Entertainment: AOL Entertainment Icon | Using AOL Entertainment

AOL Entertainment is an online community where information about celebrities can be found. AOL meaning American Online is where you can get recent pictures, videos, news, gist, and a lot more about popular and famous American celebrities. More so, the platform offers travel tips, games, lifestyle, among others. This post focuses on what you can do using AOL Entertainment and its features.

AOL Entertainment

Caution: It makes sense to inform you that this post is just a review of the AOL features and AOL entertainment. This simply means that this site is not the official AOL website, neither are we going to be request payments of any type. Though you there might be a data charge from your network provider. Access to the AOL features is completely free and no account is needed to access the platform.

AOL Entertainment Icon: How to Use the AOL icon

To access AOL features you will need the AOL Entertainment icon located on the AOL official website. Using the AOL features gives you access to entertainment, current updates, videos, games, and photos.

How to Locate and Use American Online Entertainment

Accessing the AOL feature is easy with the following steps:

  1. Firstly, With an internet-enabled phone and a web browser.
  2. Turn on your mobile data connection.
  3. Also, In the address bar of your browser enter the AOL website at
  4. At the left sidebar, tap on the “Entertainment” icon.
  5. Lastly, In seconds you will be taken to the American Online Entertainment official website, for mobile users you might need to click on a menu button to locate the Entertainment icon.

American Online Entertainment Categories: How to Navigate on the AOL Website

If you are already on the American Online Entertainment you would have come across several categories. Some categories you will come across include; celebrity, TV, Music, Movies, Games, and a lot more. Accessing these categories is sometimes confusing but then you can navigate through using the below carefully crafted instructions.

To access the American Online Entertainment Categories follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, make sure you are already at the American Online Entertainment webpage. If you are not there yet, use the above instructions to access the page.
  2. On the Entertainment webpage, tap on Celebrity, Movies, Music or TV to access the information on that category. You should find these subcategories under the Entertainment icon.

With access to these categories, you will have free access to unlimited entertainment, including recent updates, trends, and news all at a community.

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