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OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business – Which is the Best – Factors to Consider 

OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business is more enjoyable when you have a storage cloud that enables you to save and share your business files with other members of your organization, as well as connect with each other to work on a particular file. Saving and sharing files with cloud storage consumes money.

OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business

OneDrive – Dropbox – File Sharing Storage for Business

Business owners are advised to compare OneDrive with Dropbox for Business and choose one that best fits their business. Though they are the same in terms of the benefits they offer to users, yet they are different based on how suitable they are for both Small businesses and big enterprises.

OneDrive may be the best for a business that uses windows computers that wants to start small and grow. On the other hand, Dropbox may be excellent for a company with a varied system that needs a great amount of space from the start of their cloud storage.

Storage Analysis for Business Benefits –  Factors to Consider when it comes to OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business

Storage Costs

Dropbox for business charges the user monthly for unlimited space. While OneDrive for business charges expensively for 1 terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of space with an additional rate for more storage (monthly).


OneDrive Microsoft only blends with the Windows operating system, allowing for effective storage of data only from a Windows computer to the cloud. It also blends well with Mac, iOS, and Android.

Dropbox also blends with similar devices as OneDrive, only it incorporates wider choices. It is not seamless and uploads can also be done on Linux.

Both OneDrive and Dropbox allow for automatic upload of already existing files and folders to the cloud. This makes for easy assessment of the files being that they are already made available online. OneDrive does not haves app integrations, while Dropbox integrates with Mobile apps.

Security system

OneDrive and Dropbox make use of encryption in ensuring the safety of users’ data. This means that data saved in both cloud storage are not easily seen by users with whom the data was not shared.

However, Dropbox has a way of locking and protecting each file saved in the storage in a bid to make it difficult for hackers to gain access to the files as they will have to take time to try to access the files one after the other, and not all at a time.

Two Factor Authentication

Both OneDrive and Dropbox offer two-factor authentication to secure your account and files, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to your account or files. To make use of two-factor authentication in securing your account, the steps are available on Dropbox and OneDrive websites.