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Block Facebook | How to Temporarily Block Facebook

Do you wish to take a break from the numerous activities on Facebook? Then, Block Facebook is what you need. It temporarily blocks your Facebook activities, to enable you to focus on other things. Block Facebook is a Chrome Extension, created, to enable you to protect your privacy by blocking all URLs associated with Facebook, and Facebook’s tracking pixels. To take a break from Facebook, follow the steps below;

Block Facebook


How to Temporarily Block Facebook

If you desire to temporarily block Facebook, there are four best tools you can use to achieve that. There are;

Leach Block (Firefox)

  • Get Leach Block installed, set it up, using the setup guides provided.
  • Once you are done setting it up, you can use Leach Block, to designate up to 6 different sets of websites, that are blocked, depending on various conditions like, which days of the week? During what hours? Period of time? Should it repeat? And How you prefer the sites blocked?
  • Note, you can customize each set to enable you to block Facebook social media during the day, blockwork sites at nights, and block porn sites at all times, etc.

Stay Focused Chrome

The StayFocused Chrome, tool, is another tool you can use to block Facebook.

  • Get the tool installed, go through with its set up.
  • Then, maintain a list of blocked sites, and set up conditionals for when your Facebook site is blocked based on the days of the week and times of the day you want to stay free from Facebook.
  • StayFocused Chrome, also enables you to set up a “Max Time Allowed”. Setting this, enables you to browse blocked Facebook sites for X minutes every day and get back to what’s most important to you.

ColdTurkey (Windows)

Here’s how ColdTurkey tool works;

  • ColdTurkey, rather than block Facebook website at the browser level, does so at the computer level.  With this, you can’t access the blocked site with any browser. Note, also that you won’t be able to access certain sites through other programs like video games. Another thing to note about ColdTurkey is that it can block your entire programs from running. Thus if that’s what you would rather have, go ahead with the ColdTurkey tool.

XMinutesAt (Website)

  • With the XMinutesAt tool, you spend “X” minutes at” at the Facebook website. Once your time is up, it intimates you that it is time to log out on the platform and focus on other things.
  • It acts as a reminder, to help you snap out of that platform, close the tab and get back to other important things.

How to Use XMinutesAt Tool

  • Key in how long, you want your grace period, on the website to last, followed by the site’s URL
  • You can alternatively, drag the bookmarklet, onto your browser’s bookmark bar, to enable you quickly set up a time frame/limit for the current page you’re on
  • With these outlined tools, you can effectively block Facebook, and stay focused on other aspects of your life.

Block Facebook Benefits

  • To focus more on work, and stay off Facebook distractions
  • If you want to control access to Facebook and youtube from your computer.
  • Block Facebook to kids, or to engage more in studies yourself
  • If you wish to stay away from Facebook for sometime
  • For parents, who want to restrict access to Facebook and Youtube for their children/wards
  • Schools and educational institutions, who want restricted access to Facebook or youtube for their staff and pupils
  • For small companies, who require limited access to Facebook and Youtube for their employees
  • For Facebook users who want to block access to Facebook to everyone on the computer except themselves.

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