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Christian Mingle Review – The Pros, The Cons And The Ugly

Are you looking for a Christian companion? Here is a place where you can find that lovely one to be with all the days of your life. Christian Mingle review has all it takes to help you make the right choice and as well position for the right people.Christian Mingle Review

On our reviews today, we will be showing you the making part of this dating site, the bad part and eventually, the ugliest side of it.

By the time you are done reading about Christian Mingle Review and the three angles of this site, you will be put creating a profile here. It is a site that makes you feel at home just as though the person has been with you over the years. Of course, the Christian mingle review is not complete until we show you all it takes to create a profile here and what you will get to find.


Here, the pros represent all the good value you will get. In other words, this is the Good part of the site. Check it out here…

  • The number of women here is more than men. So, men are in favor to find their choice.
  • There is no form of snubbing from ladies here. Thus, they always active to respond and reply messages.
  • Most women here are of high-quality who seek counterparts with the same faith level.
  • Above all, this is a popular mingle site to find yourself if you are a faith-committed person.


  • Here, before you respond to messages, you must be a paid member.
  • Count yourself loosing it if you are not based in a mega city. Thus, this will limit the dating pool.

Note: The best way to set up your profile here is to have your details typed in a text doc so you can easily copy and paste it into the site. Hence, you will avoid the site crashing with your details unfinished.

Christian Mingle: Into the reviews

Christian Mingle is a home to find someone who shares the same faith with you. In other words, here, is a home of excellence in terms of high-quality women.

This site does not admit people who are not Christians, unlike what you may find in and the rest. Others may filter both people of faith and those aside the faith, making it hard for you to start sorting them yourself. So, see Christian mingle as the first while the rest, second.

Christian Mingle Profile


To begin the process, you should have in mind of putting in your best in your profile. So, it starts with your profile photos, details about you, First name, or something light.

On the part of Photos, take the best pictures of yours as the profile picture. To play by the expansive rule, take pictures where the environment is extensively attractive to women or open environment.

Next, your username is very vital that it’s attractive and homely. So use either your first name or choose something catchy.

On the part of your basic details, give responses to the following: the use of marital status,

  • Church relationship,
  • Occupation,
  • If you want kids or have one,

In the section of “tell us About you”, there are sets of things you should observe to put to make your profile attractive. Here are there:

  • The content should be 70% about you, and 30% of who you want (Her).
  • Give in the best of what your life is like
  • Avoid rushing to update your profile without proofreading. That is, make sure you correct all the misspelled words.

That is the secret behind having a nice profile and that makes matches easy to study you.

Also, make sure you attend the activities and interest section. Thus, select the one that is part of you so you will make them feel at home with you. In other words, show them that you are not boring.

In addition, filter your matches on criteria like age range, religion, location, and relationship type. Also, preference can boost your profile, that is, height, habits and education level.

Remember, you can only respond to messages if you are a subscribed member.

Christian Mingle Subscription                       

There are basically three subscription plans on this platform. You may be able to do other things we have said above free aside message. In other words, you need a subscription to enable you to do this.

Of course, the whole enjoyment of this platform is the messaging part. if you can’t communicate, then what is your gain.

Here are the common Subscription plans

  • 6 months = $24.99
  • 3 months = $34.99
  • 1 month = $49.99


Here are common things you will get to enjoy as a premium user

  • You can view photos
  • respond to messages
  • read receipts
  • see those that liked you
  • You will be in charge of your profile
  • Visit profiles without them knowing
  • Send group messages that can be replied by all members irrespective of their membership status (Both subscribed and otherwise).

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