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Free Small Business Accounting Software

There is much free small business accounting software on the market. but the main thing is that the free version will not have the advanced tools and features that you are looking for in particular software. Accounting software is a type of computer software used by accounting professionals to manage accounts and perform accounting operations.

Accounting software can range from simple, single-entry programs used for individual record-keeping to more sophisticated, double-entry systems that can process accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and inventory, among other functions. There are many benefits to using paid accounting software.

Small Business Accounting Software

Why the Use of Free Small Business Accounting Software

Cost: depending on your choice of accounting software, you should be able to either purchase the software outright, pay monthly, or lease it. Some companies offer online accounting software free of charge as well.

Ease of use: even though invoicing software comes with a range of advanced features, it is often designed to be very easy to use and learn. You certainly do not need to be an experienced bookkeeper or an accountant to appreciate the benefits of using this type of software.

Improve Image: Whether you are a web designer, decorator, freelancer, or charity organization, using the invoicing software to raise estimates, quotes, or invoices will create professional-looking paperwork, which should easily help to improve a company’s image.

Overall, if a small business does decide to use the invoicing software, then it will certainly have the potential to save a great deal of time and money in the long term, while also being able to improve the efficiency of the office.

Safe and secure: Your financial documents are safe in the cloud, no matter what problems you have with your computer.

List of Free Small Business Accounting Software

Here is a list of the top accounting software for small businesses:

#1: Tally

Tally is a popular accounting software for small and medium businesses. Over the decades, many successful organizations have been using Tally software without any hurdles. Every business needs a manager to manage their accounts properly. Tally is inventory management software with multiple facilities, including multilingual operations, online functions, and data processing in government-supported formats.

#2: Zoho Books

By creating invoices, sending them, and receiving payments through a variety of payment gateways built into the software, small and medium businesses can manage their accounts and receive payment for their services with Zoho Books.

More to that, Zoho Books is a cloud accounting solution that, in addition to managing finances, also lets you file GST returns with a single piece of software. Its quick setup, free support, and comprehensive help document keep your fears at bay. Zoho Books has a mobile application for Android, iOS, and Windows users, giving you access to your finances when on the go.


ZipBooks is a very simple and easy-to-use cloud-based accounting software designed specifically for small businesses. It enables you to streamline your financial operations and increase productivity. You can get access to all essential accounting, inventory, sales, and purchase features.

#4:Handdy Accounts

Handy Accounts is free online accounting software for small businesses. The prominent feature of the application is that the software is designed to be simple and jargon-free. The online bookkeeping software requires no upgrades and can work on both Windows and Mac.

#5: Reach

Reach Accounting Software is an online accounting software for small and medium businesses. Reach has software modules for accounting, POS, and CRM. The best part about Reach is that all the business operations are bundled into one software so that the business owner can track every aspect of the business.